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Exam Title : General Radiology, clinical cases and Miscellaneous

Number Of Question : 30
Question #1: Computed Tomography (CT scan) is least accurate for diagnosts of
Aneurysm in the Hepatic Artey
Lymph node in the para- aortic region
Mass in the tail of pancreas
Gall stones
Question #2: All of the following statements about CT scan features of adenoma are true, Except
Calcification is Rate
Low Attenuation
Early enhancement with slow wash out of contrast
Regular margins
Question #3: Puff of smoke appearance on cerebral angiography is seen in
ACA aneurysm
Cavernous sins thrombosis
Moyamoya disease
Vein of Galen malformation
Question #4: Stereotactic surgery is used for treatment of
Brain tumor
Lungs carcinoma
Cervix cancer
Renal carcinoma
Question #5: Which of the following statement about contrast in radiography is true
Ionic monomers have three iodine atoms per two particles in solution
Osmolar contrast agents may be ionic or non ionic
Gadolinum may cross the blood brain barrier
Iohexol is a high osmolar contrast media