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Exam Title : General Pharmacological Principal

Number Of Question : 18
Question #1: The preferred method of drugs designing is
Target- structure based
Hit and Trial Method
Moclecular modeling
High throughout method
Question #2: While assessing the efficacy of a newly developed drug in comparison to placebo, the 95% confidence interval in clinical trials is used to check for:
Efficacy of the drug
Non-efficacy of the drug
Both efficacy and non-efficacy of the drug
Either efficacy or non-efficacy of the drug
Question #3: Therapeutic index is a measure of a drug’s
Question #4: Which of the following is a prodrug?
Question #5: One of the many mechanisms of adverse events is its increased binding to secondary targets, usually proteins. with respect to the primary target, the secondary target:
Should be present in the same tissue as the primary target
Should have similar binding sites
Should have absolutely identical secondary structure
Should have a similar primary structure