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Exam Title : General Microbiology

Number Of Question : 32
Question #1: Which of the following statements regarding- Gamma-Release-Assays for diagnosis of Tuberculosis is true
First Generation QuantiFERON-TB assay used ESAT-6
Second Generation Quantiferon-TB (Gold) assay used ESAT-6 and CPF -10
These test can distinguish between M. tuberculosis and M. bovis
None of the non-tuberculosis mycobacteria give a positive reaction with the test
Question #2: A former from the sub-Himalayan region presents with multiple leg ulcers. The most likely causative agent is:
Trichophyton rubrum
Cladosporium species
Sporothrix schenkii
Question #3: All of the following are true regarding disinfectants except:
Glutaraldhyde is sporicidal
Hyoichlorites are virucidal
Ethylene oxide is intermediate disinfectant
Phenol is bactericidal and readily inactivated by organic matter
Question #4: A young male patient presented with UTI. On urine examination pus cells were found but no organisms. Which method would be best used for culture?
Mc Coy culture
Thayer martin medium
L.J. Medium
Levinthal Medium
Question #5: Heat labile instruments for use in surgical procedures can be sterilized by
Absolute alcohol
Ultra violet rays
Chlorine releasing compounds
Ethylene oxide gas