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Exam Title : Forensic Toxicology and Controlled Substances

Number Of Question : 34
Question #1: Burtonian line is seen with poisoning of
Question #2: Fatal dose of arsenic in adults
20-30 mg
50-60 mg
60 to 80 mg
100 to 200 mg
Question #3: A young man with known history of heroine addiction is brought in the emergency in unconscious state by his friends. On examination his pupil are pin point. What will be the treatment of choice?
a) Oral naltrexone
b) IV naloxone
c) Oral diazepam
Oral buprenorphine
Question #4: Yellow Fatty liver is characteristic of poisoning with
Oxalic Acid
Question #5: A middle aged man comes to OPD with paraesthesia of hands and feet, hyperkeratosis of palms, rain drop pigmentation and transverse line on nails. Most likely the person is having :
Arsenic Poisoning
Lead poisoning
Mercury Poisoning
Cadmium poisoning