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Exam Title : Eye Infections, Ocular Motility, Strabismus, Ocular and Trauma, ocular tumors

Number Of Question : 16
Question #1: A person with prolonged usage of contact lenses presented with irritation of left eye. After examination a diagnosis of keratitis was made and corneal scrapings revealed growth of pseudomonas aeroginosa. The bacteria were observed to be multidrug resistant. Which of the following best explains the mechanism of antimicrobial resistance in these isolated pseudomonas aeroginosa strains
Ability to transfer resistance genes from adjacent commensal flora
Improper contact lens hygiene
Frequent and injudicious use of topical antibiotics
Ability of Pseudomonas to produce biofilms
Question #2: Which one of the following stromal dystrophy is a recessive condition?
Lattice dystrophy
Granular dystrophy
Macular dystrophy
Fleck dystrophy
Question #3: Which organismal infection is highly virulent and may cause corneal ulcer perforation within 48 hours?
Herpes simplex
Question #4: The most common malignant orbital tumor in children is
Cavernous Hemangioma
Question #5: A patient with known mutation in the ‘Rb gene’ is ‘disease free’ from Retinoblastoma. The patient is at highest risk of developing which of the following malignancies
Renal cell carcinoma