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Exam Title : ENT

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: All of the following will produce conductive hearing loss, Except
Serous otitis media
Endolymphatics Hydrops
Suppurative otitis media
Question #2: What is the type of joints between the ossicles of ear?
Fibrous joints
Primary cartilaginous
Secondary cartilaginous joints
Synovial joints
Question #3: A child has retained disc battery in the nose. What is the most important consideration in the management?
Battery substance leaks and cause tissue damage
It can lead to tetanus
Refer the child to a specialist for removal of battery
Instill nasal drops
Question #4: A 70 year old male presents with loss of sensation in external auditory meatus (Histelberg’s sign positive). The likely diagnosis is
vestibular schwannoma
Bells palsy
Middle ear cholesteatoma
Question #5: Trotter’s triad includes all of the following Except
Mandibular Neuralgia
Palatal palsy