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Exam Title : Ear

Number Of Question : 42
Question #1: The screening investigation of high risk neonates in ICU for suspected hearing loss is
Otoacoustic emission
Free field audiometry
Stapedial reflex testing
Pure tone audiometry
Question #2: A 70 year old male presents with loss of sensation in external auditory meatus (Histelberg’s sign positive). The likely diagnosis is
vestibular schwannoma
Bells palsy
Middle ear cholesteatoma
Question #3: Trotter’s triad includes all of the following Except
Mandibular Neuralgia
Palatal palsy
Question #4: A 70 year old male presents with hearing loss and tinnitus. On examination he was observed to have a conductive type of deafness and a dull tympanic membrane on the right side. Lymph nodal enlargement of 7*3 cm was noted in the posterior triangle of neck. Tympanogram revealed a type B wave. The most likely diagnosis is
Middle ear tumor
Nasopharyngeal malignancy
Acoustic neuroma
T.B. middle ear
Question #5: A patient with h/o right ear discharge undergoes mastoidectomy but his symptoms r not relieved nd he presents with purulent discharge, vertigo nd deafness.. diagnosis