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Exam Title : DNA, RNA, Structure, Replication, and Repair

Number Of Question : 26
Question #1: Microsatellite sequence is
Small satellite
Extra chromosomal DNA
Short sequence (2-5) repeat DNA
Looped -DNA
Question #2: Cap in lac Operon Is :
Positive regulator
Negative regulator
Constitutive expression
Question #3: Which of the following statements regarding mature cytoplasmic messenger from RNA is true
Transcribed from Nuclear DNA
Has Thiamine in place of Uracil
Sugar is DeoxyRibose
Its molecular weight is more than hn- RNA
Question #4: Okazaki fragments are formed during the synthesis of
ds DNA
ss DNA
Question #5: Regarding Cytosolic Eukaryotic gene expression false is
Capping helps in attachment of mRNA to 40 s Ribosome
N formyl methionine tRNA will be the first t RNA to come into action
EF2 shifts between GDP & GTP
Releasing factor releases the polypeptide chain from the P site