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Exam Title : Disorders of Childhood & Adolescence

Number Of Question : 6
Question #1: Autistic disorder is characterized by all of the following, Except
Visual impairment
Lack of Social Interaction
Delayed development of Speech
Stereotypic movements
Question #2: Child not eating vegetables. His mother starts giving a chocolate each time he finishes vegetable in the diet. The condition is
Operant conditioning
Classical conditioning
Social training
Negative reinforcement
Question #3: A 14 years old boy is not to get good grades on 9th standard exam. But he is very sharp and intelligent. Best test to diagnose his problem
Child behavior checklist
Bhatia's battery
Specific learning disability test
Child behavior battery
Question #4: A 3 year old child presents with delayed speech and poor concentration. He has difficulty in communication and is not making any friends. The likely diagnosis is
Specific learning disability
Mental retardation
Question #5: Best therapy suited to teach daily life skill to a mentally challenged child:
CBT (cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
Cognitive reconstruction
Self instruction