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Exam Title : Contraception, Menopause, Reproductive, Infertility and Sexual medicine and Hormonal therapy

Number Of Question : 24
Question #1: Which of the following is true about clomiphene citrate?
Enclomiphene is anti-estrogenic
Increases pregnancy rate 3 times as compared to placebo
Incidence of twin pregnancy is 5-6%
It has been shown to increase fertility in oligospermic males in randomized controlled trials
Question #2: Hormone replacement in post menopausal woman is done for all except
Prevent genito-urinary atrophy
Cardiovascular protection
Prevention against osteoporosis
Imprevent of vasomatar symptoms
Question #3: Which of the following procedures is associated with maximum chance of re-canalization during surgery for reversal of tubal ligation
Isthumo- isthmic anastomosis
Isthumo-ampullary anastomosis
Ampullo- ampullary anastomosis
Cornual obstruction
Question #4: Which of the following progesterones is preferred in combination with estrogen in Low dose Oral contraceptive pills
Question #5: What is the ideal treatment for a 55 yr female with Simple Hyperplasia of endometrium with Atypia?
Simple hysterectomy
Medroxy progesterone Acetate (MPA)
Levonorgesterol (LNG)