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Exam Title : Congenital and developmental defects, bow legs, flat feet, in toeing

Number Of Question : 5
Question #1: The ideal treatment of bilateral idiopathic clubfoot in a newborn is
Manipulation by mother
Manipulation and Dennis Brown splint
Manipulation and casts
Surgical release
Question #2: The characteristic triad of Klippel- Feil syndrome includes all of the following, except
Short neck
Low hair line
Limited neck movements
Elevated scapula
Question #3: Bone dysplasia is invariably seen in
Developmental defect
Question #4: Which of the following is not a cause of clubfoot in newborns?
Arthogryposis Multiplex congenita
Spina bifida
Question #5: Progression of congenital scoliosis is least likely in which of the following vertebra anomalies
Fully segmented Hemivertebra
Wedge vertebra
Block vertebra
Unilateral unsegmented bar with Hemivertebra