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Exam Title : Complications of fractures, Trauma, Degenerative conditions/ clinical cases

Number Of Question : 19
Question #1: Most common cause of death after High Tibial Osteotomy are true, Except
Magnitude of correction achieved is greater than 30º
Indicated in Unicompartmental osteoarthritis
Preformed through concellous bone
Recurrence is a long term complication
Question #2: A 12 year old with rapid increase in weight and height over the past one year presents with difficulty in sitting cross legged and squatting. The knee would go into axilla every time she flexes her and knee. The most likely diagnosis is
Perths disease
Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis
Congenital Coxa Vera
Synovitis of knee
Question #3: A moving vehicle hits a pedestrian on his lateral aspect of the knee and causes a fracture. The fracture line is passing through the intercondylar eminence. Which of the following structures will most likely be injured?
Medial collateral ligament
Lateral collateral ligament
Anterior collateral ligament
Medial meniscus
Question #4: Which of the following is the least likely complication of Fracture Neck of Femur
Avascular Necrosis
Question #5: A six year old boy presents to the emergency departments with a painful limp. Clinical examination reveals tenderness in the femoral triangle and some limitation of hip movements. An X-ray was done which was normal. Which of the following should be the next course of action?
Wait and Watch/Observation
MRI Scan