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Exam Title : Circulatory, Vescular, Lymphatic System

Number Of Question : 15
Question #1: The medulla receives its blood supply from all of the following arteries except
Anterior spinal
Posterior inferior cerebellar
Superior cerebellar
Question #2: Which of the following is not a branch of Cavernous segment of Internal Carotid Artery?
Cavernous Branch
Inferior Hypophyseal Branch
Meningeal branch
Ophthalmic branch
Question #3: Lymphatic drainage of the cervix occurs by all of the following lymph nodes, except
Parameterial lymph nodes
Deep inguinal lymph nodes
Obturator lymph nodes
Ext. iliac lymph nodes
Question #4: Which of the following artery does not supply medulla?
Anterior spinal artery
Vertebral artery
Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
Superior cerebellar artery
Question #5: Lymphatics from the spongy urethra drain into the following Lymph nodes
Superior inguinal nodes
Internal inguinal nodes
Deep inguinal nodes
Sacral nodes