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Exam Title : Chest and Breast Imaging

Number Of Question : 10
Question #1: Which of the following liver metastasis appear hypoechoic on Ultrasonography
Brest cancer
colon cancer
Renal carcinoma
Mucinous adenocarcinoma
Question #2: Chest X-ray of an industrial worker exposed to asbestos over 20 years shows an ill-defined rounded opacity in the lower lobe with a ‘comet tail’ appearance on PA view. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis
Bronchogenic carcinoma
Round Atelectasis
Pulmonary Infarct
Question #3: Which is the objective sign of identifying pulmonary plethora in a chest radiograph?
Diameter of the main pulmonary artery > 16mm
Diameter of the left pulmonary artery > 16 mm
Diameter of the descending right pulmonary artery >16 mm
Diameter of the descending left pulmonary artery >16 mm
Question #4: Investigation of choice for detection and characterization of interstitial lung disease is
Chest X-ray
High Resolution CT Scan (HRCT)
Ventilation Perfusin Scan (VP Scan)
Question #5: BIRADS stands for
Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System
Best Imaging Reporting and Data System
Brain Imaging Reporting and data system
Best imaging Reporting and Data System