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Exam Title : Carbohydrates, Lipids and Metabolism

Number Of Question : 7
Question #1: All of the following statements about Lipoprotein Lipase are true, Except
Found in adipose tissue
Found in myocytes
Deficiency leads to hypertriacylglycerolemia
Does not require CII as cofactor
Question #2: Regarding HMP shunt all of the following are true except
Occurs in the cytosol
No ATP is produced in the cycle
It is active in Adipose tissue, Liver and Gonads
The oxidative phase generates pyruvate
Question #3: In which of the following tissues, is glycogen incapable of contributing directly to blood glucose?
Question #4: Energy Expenditure in Resting state depends on
Lean Body Mass
Adipose tissue
Resting Heart Rate
Question #5: Sicking in ‘HbS’ disease is primarily caused by
Decreased Solubility
Decreased Stability
Altered Function
Altered O2 binding capacity