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Exam Title : Brain and Nervous System

Number Of Question : 73
Question #1: Which of the following sites is responsible for the amnestic defect in Wernicke’s Korsakoff syndrome
Mamillary body
Periventricular Grey matter
Question #2: Grisel syndrome all are true except:
Conservation treatment
Inflammation of cervical spine ligaments
No need for neurosurgeon
Question #3: A vascular lesion in the mid-brain stem level in the area depicted in the figure can cause all of the following except
Deviation of the tongue to the same side
Contralateral loss of pain and temperature below the neck
Paralysis of soft palate
Question #4: Which of the following sites is not involved in a posterior cerebral artery infarct:
Temporal lobe
Anterior cortex
Question #5: CSF pressure is mainly regulated by:
Rate of CSF formation
Rate of CSF absorption
Cerebral blood flow
Venous pressure