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Exam Title : Bone and joint infection, Inflammatory conditions, Arthritis, osteoporosis, soft tissue, the spine

Number Of Question : 15
Question #1: Tuberculosis of Bone is charachterized by
Paucibacillary and Hematogenous
Multibacillary and Hematogenous
Multibacillary and Lymphatogenous
Paucibacillary and Hematogenous
Question #2: In a patient with gouty arthritis, synovial fluid aspiration will show
Monosodium Urate crystals
Calcium Pyrophosphate crystals
Mononulear Leucocytosis
Polymorphonuclear Leukocytosis
Question #3: all of the following are including as yellow flag signs of low back pain, except
History of systemic steroids use
Reliance on Passive Treatment
Social Isolation
Belief that back pain is severely disabling
Question #4: 70year female is on treatment with Alendronate for severe osteoporosis. Now she complains of pain in right thigh. What is the next investigation to be performed?
DEXA scan
X- ray
Serum vitamin D levels
Serum alkaline phosphate levels
Question #5: All of the following statements about synovial fluid are true, Except
Secreted primarily by type A synovial cells
Follows Non-Newtonian Fluid Kinetics
Contains Hyaluronic acid
Viscosity is variable