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Exam Title : Biotechnology and Human Disease

Number Of Question : 10
Question #1: Two transgenic plants were genetically engineered using Recombinant DNA technology. One plant was transformed using a plasmid vector with GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) gene and another plant was transformed with glow spontaneously in the dark
Plant with GFP Gene
Plant with Luciferase Gene
Both plants
None of the above
Question #2: Nanotechnology has found tremendous application in the diagnosis of cancers because of all following advantages, except
Nano-crystals exibit bright, photo-stable fluorescence
Nano-crystals have a narrow spectrum wavelength
Peak spectrum wavelength is tunable
Nano-crystals exhibit a narrow difference between their excitation and emission peak spectra
Question #3: Prenatal diagnosis of Hemophilia is best done by
Linkage analysis
Question #4: A 3-year-old child has hepatosplenomegaly. On examination of the bone marrow, large cells are seen with crumpled paper appearance. Which of the following must have accumulated in these cells?
Question #5: A person with von Gierke’s disease has ketosis. All are true for ketosis in this patients except
Lactic acidosis
Fat mobilization is less