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Exam Title : Autoimmune diseases,Translational and clinical microbiology and immunology

Number Of Question : 16
Question #1: A farmer presents to the emergency department with painful inguinal lymphadenopathy and history of fever and flu like symptoms. Clinical examination reveals an ulcer in the leg. Which of the following stains should be used to detect suspected bipolar stained organisms.
Albert's stain
Wayson's stain
Ziehl Nelson stain
Mc Fayden's stain
Question #2: Acellular pertussis vaccine contains:
Pertactin, flagillary hemagglutinin cytotoxin, endotoxin
Pertactin, flagillary hemagglutinin, fimbriae, endotoxin
Pertactin, cytotoxin, fimbriae, pertactin
Flagillary hemagglutinin, pertussis toxin, fimbriae
Question #3: Components of Innate immunity that are active against viral cell includes
NK cells
Cytotoxic T cells
B cell
Memory B cell
Question #4: Which of the following cell type are the most potent activators of naive T cells
B cells
Follicular Dendritic cells
Mature Dendritic cells
Question #5: Vaccination is based on the principle of
Immunologic MEmory
Clonal detection