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Dont wait for NEET next year- Study MBBS Abroad with Scholarship

Dont wait for NEET next year- Study MBBS Abroad with Scholarship

The number of NEET applicants seems to increase by about 2 lacks every year while the second reason is that along with the number of applicants, even the required cut-off scores keep increasing year by year.

 As we near the end of August, it is a tense period for most Indian Class 12 pass-outs, with the pressure and expectations of college admissions constantly casting a shadow over their futures. This statement holds true, especially for medical aspirants as the NEET examinations are now over and most NEET candidates would find themselves in quite an uneasy situation, knowing that their future still hangs in the balance. This huge segment of students who have not yet secured an MBBS seat have just a handful of options available to them.

Let us now explore the options available to this vast segment of medical aspirants as they try to make it as a qualified medical professional.


  • Trying through NEET the next year

Many students who put a lot of time and effort into their preparation for the NEET exam, choose to not give up after their first unsuccessful attempt. This can be either due to failing the NEET exam or not getting the desired outcome after NEET counselling. Although this might sound like a wise choice to many, the chances of succeeding at this is getting slimmer by the year. This can be attributed to two main reasons, the first being that the number of NEET applicants seems to increase by about 2 lacks every year while the second reason is that along with the number of applicants, even the required cut-off scores keep increasing year by year.

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“This simply means, that the next year’s NEET will be a lot tougher to get through, both in terms of the required scores and also the higher number of competing students compared to previous years.”

  • Opting for Management Quota

Management quota is a special provision made by most private colleges where an individual can get direct admission into the said institution. While this option expects only minimal score criteria, the downside is the extremely high cost of admission. This is an option that is more dependent almost entirely on the student’s spending capacity and not so much on merit.

“The cost of admission using the management quota is at best higher than a crore and in some cases can run into a few crores, depending on the size and reputation of the institution.”

  • Choosing an alternative line of study

This is an option that is preferred by most students who want to be in the medical field but have given up on their MBBS dreams, either due to failure to match the required scores, lack of funding or other reasons. The list of alternatives for MBBS are many like Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Unani and Physiotherapy to name a few, along with a vast list of courses on paramedical sciences.

  • Selecting an overseas study destination

This is the option where students having seen all their options for MBBS in India not materialize, choose to study MBBS in a foreign country. Although this might sound attractive to most people, quality of education and the success rate of students depends on a lot of factors, with the primary factor being choosing the right country. There is also the added element of cost, as this option will not only include the tuition fees, but also the student’s living expenses. This overall cost of overseas study will vary depending on the country of study. There are also other very important factors to consider before choosing the study destination like local language, lifestyle, cuisine, safety, student success rate and many more.

“This option has developed into a recent trend as more and more Indian students now look to go abroad to pursue their medical education. ”

Choosing the right destination

It is common knowledge that countries like USA, UK and Australia are usually considered as the top tier destinations for overseas study. This can be largely attributed to the fact that these are highly developed countries, their official language is English, they are known for top-quality education, student exposure and post-study career opportunities. With so many positive elements, studying in these countries can be immensely expensive, usually running into a few crore rupees. But not all overseas study destinations are expensive as there are also countries like China, Russia and the Philippines where the expenses are considerably less. These low-cost destinations come with a host of challenges for India students like learning the local language as English is not the official language, difficulty in obtaining a travel visa, international recognition of the degree, quality of education, quality of student life, safety and security.

Have you ever considered Guyana in South America?

Now, given all the key facts discussed above, have you ever considered South America as your next study destination?

“The historically and culturally rich country of Guyana is located on the northern mainland of South American continent. This beautiful coastal country has some of the best living and learning conditions for students, especially for Indians students.”

There are several factors that make Guyana the right choice for outbound Indian students. These factors are

  • Language: English is the official language of Guyana.
  • Cultural Diaspora: Guyana boasts a widely mixed population that include vast local communities of American, African, Indian, European and Chinese ancestry.
  • Food: As Guyana is a country known for its generations of Indian descendants, along with other nationalities, international cuisine with all varieties of Indian cuisine are regularly available.
  • Living Expenses: The quality of life and the cost of living in Guyana can be very easily compared to India as students can live a comfortable life with basic living costs.
  • Quality of Education: Guyana is one of the South American countries that has shown tremendous climb in their quality of education and in the countries literacy rate, especially in the last 5 years.
  • Climate: Being a tropical country, Guyana has a very similar climate to India, with the exception of having a longer rainy season.

So what’s next for you?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with all the nitty-gritty when it comes to making a major decision like where to go when you decide to study abroad, let’s introduce you to one of Guyana’s highest-rated medical universities – Texila American University

Texila American University, Guyana

The journey of Texila American University in Guyana started in 2011, and since then has gone on to become one of the countries highest rated medical universities, especially known for its consistent and highly advanced quality of education. Apart from offering a world-class education with highly advanced lab facilities and innovative learning techniques, our Guyana campus is also world-renowned for being very student-friendly. Here our students enjoy a high-quality campus life with amenities like spacious, air-conditioned, well-furnished accommodation with round-the-clock security and a university canteen that boasts a great variety of cuisines including North & South Indian, Continental and Guyanese.

“Texila American University is approved by the National Accreditation Council Guyana, that functions under the Ministry of Education to ensure that the quality of post-secondary education delivered meets the required standards.”

So if you choose to do your medical studies at Texila American University in Guyana, you will not only get a chance to actively pursue a high-quality medical education, at very affordable costs but also an amazing opportunity to soak up the sights, sounds, and culture of one of the most amazing places in America.

What Texila can do for you

So now that you have all the required information about who we are, where we are and what we do, the next thing on your minds would be how to get in touch with us. Again, we at Texila are all about making your student journey a comfortable and memorable as possible and that is exactly why we at Texila American University are coming to your city.

Texila has planned a series of OSA or On Spot Admission events, where our team will be traveling all around India and visiting all the major cities, giving you the opportunity to join us at our Guyana campus at the next intake. Apart from the spot admissions, we are also giving away a 20 Lakh scholarship to deserving students so that they get the opportunity to only get a world-class medical education at an amazing overseas destination, but also do it at a very affordable cost.

For more information, please

Call: 8971833477



Article Authored by Mr. Saju Bhaskar, Founder & President of Texila American University located in Guyana, South America


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above article are solely those of the author/agency in his/her private capacity and DO NOT represent the views of Education Medical Dialogues. Read website full disclaimer here

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