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Do private medical colleges surrender of 50 percent PG seats to state: Asks HC

Do private medical colleges surrender of 50 percent PG seats to state: Asks HC

Chennai: Do private medical colleges surrender  50% PG seats to the state every year?  queried the Madras High Court from the Tamil Nadu Government , a week away from the admissions to begin on April 4, 2017.

The court was questioning the state authorities to reveal whether 50 % of seats were being surrendered  by all unaided medical colleges and deemed universities offering PG courses, as made mandatory by the Supreme Court.

Justice N Kirubakaran went a step ahead, while passing orders on a writ petition filed by a PG Medical aspirant, by asking the government to furnish details regarding the number of seats surrendered, specialty wise, since the year 2000.

Que ring on behalf of the Judicial body, the judge said the Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 made compulsory, the  sharing of PG seats in medical colleges on a 50:50 basis between the managements and the government.

The Medical Council of India’s “POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION REGULATIONS, 2000” reads:

“Provided further that in Non-Governmental institutions fifty percent of the total seats shall be filled by the Competent authority notified by the State Government and the remaining fifty percent by the management(s) of the institution on the basis of Inter-se Academic Merit. “

Stating that the provision had not been struck down, he asked: “Therefore, all non-governmental institutions should have shared 50% of the PG medical seats with their respective state governments, especially in Tamil Nadu. So, it has to be explained as to whether the government of Tamil Nadu had got 50% of PG medical seats from unaided institutions from the year 2000 onward.”

The judge also  sought information on the the total number of seats available in PG courses in each medical college in Tamil Nadu, including minority institutions and deemed universities every year, right from the year 2000.

Following were the two pertinent queries made by him during the proceedings:

  • whether the Medical Council of India (MCI) is supervising the seat-sharing between the non-governmental medical institutions and their respective state governments.
  • Whether the processes is followed scrupulously every year since 2000.

“If the seat-sharing has not been done by the non-governmental medical institutions concerned, what action has been taken against them,” he asked, adding, “If no action has been taken, why no action has been taken against the errant non-governmental medical institutions?” he questioned.

Justice N Kirubakaran then asked the state and  central governments, along with the MCI, to file their counter affidavits.

Pointing out that the PG medical admission is scheduled to start on April 4, he asked the stakeholders under notice to submit their counter affidavits by April 3.

“As regards the admission process, it is made clear that the state government is at liberty to proceed with the matter as per law,” Justice Kirubakaran stated in clarification, reports TOI.

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