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DM, MCh, DNB SS Admissions: MCC releases Round 1 FAQs for NEET SS Counselling 2019

DM, MCh, DNB SS Admissions: MCC releases Round 1 FAQs for NEET SS Counselling 2019

New Delhi: With the NEET SS 2019 counselling process on the MCC website now begun, DM, MCh, DNB SS candidates do have a lot of questions in their mind regarding the various rounds in the allotment process.

Keeping the common queries of candidates in mind the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has released a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on its website.

NBE has decided to conduct common Counseling for NEET SS (DM/MCh) and DNB (Super Specialty) courses in 2019 admission session through MCC under Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).  Any medico desirous of seeking admission to these DM / MCh/ DNB Courses in any medical Institution should have cleared the NEET (SS)-2019 conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE).


The filling of choices by the candidate, should/will be as per the exam taken / specialty  opted by the candidate at the time of filling up of NEET SS 2019 application form of National Board of Examination (NBE). Speciality wise vacancy position/ seat matrix is uploaded on the website of MCC ( for information.

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Here is the summary of the Round 1 FAQs

Round 1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. No. 1: What is the process of online allotment?

Ans. : a) Main counselling Registration which will include payment of non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) and refundable security deposit fee of Rs 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh Only).

b) Exercising of choices and locking of choices.

c) Process of Seat Allotment Round-1.

d) Publication result of Round-1.

e) Reporting at the allotted Medical College against 1st Round.(Candidates who have been allotted a seat in Round-I but do not join the allotted will forfeit the security deposit of 2 Lakhs deposited with MCC/DGHS).

f) Fresh/New Registration (Round-2) for the candidates who have not registered in the Round-1 of counselling and willing forfeited candidates of Round-1 who want to participate again in Round-II.

(Already registered candidates of Round-1 and were not allotted any seat need not to register again. Such candidates shall proceed with the candidate login directly for choice filling of Round-2).

Please note that registration facility shall be available only once during Round-1, and once before starting of round-2 on notified dates. Thereafter, registration facility shall not be available. Under no circumstances any request (for any reason) for registration, shall be entertained after closing of registration. Candidates are advised to go through the schedule uploaded on the website of mcc.

g) Fresh Choice filing Round-2.

h) Process of seats Allotment Round-2.

i) Publication of result of Round-2.

j) Reporting at the allotted Medical College against Round-2.

k) Transfer of Stray vacant seats (non-joined/not allotted/resigned/surrendered) to respective colleges/institutes/university for conduction of stray vacancy round.

l) Conduction of Final Stray Vacancy round by the respective colleges/ institutes/ university. (There will be no Fresh registration of candidates in stray vacancy round)

m) Last date up to which students can be admitted/joined against vacancies arising due to any reasons for this year 2019 : 15th September, 2019.

Q. No.2: When will online allotment process for this year start?

Ans.: Online allotment process will start as per counselling schedule for National NEET Super specialty online counselling.

Please see schedule available on .

Q. No.3: Do I have to report to any Counselling centre for registration or choice filling?

Ans.: No, Online registration and choice filling can be done from place of convenience (including from home) using internet. Candidates are advised not to use mobile phones for registration and choice filling purposes. Registration may be done by candidates using desktop, laptop, i-pad etc having internet connectivity.

Q. No.4: Do I require any documents to get registered on-line?

Ans.: You will be required to fill up some of the information that you have provided (filled up) at the time of submitting application form to National Board Examinations (NBE), New Delhi and information available on admit card provided by NBE.

“Please keep information that you have furnished (filled up) on application form and admit card, confidential, and do not share it with anybody as this information will be required to register for online allotment process and to submit choice. If somebody else uses that information, he/she can misuse your online registration and prevent you
from taking part in online allotment process. Keep print out of application form ready for reference with you.”

Q. No.5: What information do I require for online registration?

Ans. : Please note that you will be asked to fill some of the information (we are not showing it here for security reasons) that you have provided in your application form, admit card of examination during online registration and provided by the examination conducting agency, (NBE) therefore keep a copy of your application form and admit card ready for reference. These documents may be retained as they may be required till you complete your Super Specialty course.

“Please note that on registration window of Online allotment process, you have to fill in exactly same spelling, Date of Birth etc. as you have filled in your Application Form”.

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Q. No.6: How do I get password for logging in?

Ans.: During the process of online registration you will generate your own password. Candidates are advised to keep the password that they have created, confidential to them till the end of the counselling process. They can change the password after creating. Password is very important for participating in online allotment process. Sharing of password can result in its misuse by somebody else, leading to even exclusion of genuine candidate from online allotment process.

Q. No.7: How much time will I be given to join the allotted course?

Ans.: Candidates allotted seats will be required to join the allotted college/course within stipulated time from the date of allotment as mentioned in Counselling schedule. However, candidates are advised to join as early as possible and not to wait for last day of joining, due to different schedule of holiday/working hours in various Medical Colleges, also keeping in view that Medical colleges will have to furnish information about joining/non-joining online to Medical Counselling Committee. In some of the colleges it takes 2 to 3 days time for completion of admission formalities.

Q. No.8: What documents are required at the time of Counseling?

Ans.: Since it is online allotment (Online Counselling) process, no documents will be required for participating in online allotment process. However, you are required to carry Original Certificates/Documents at time of Reporting for Admission against the allotted seat. Without Original Certificate/Documents candidates will not be allowed f o r admission at the time of reporting.

Q. No.9: What documents are required at the time of joining in allotted Medical College?

Ans.: Original documents required at the time of joining in allotted Medical College are as mentioned below:
 Admit Card issued by NBE
 Result/Rank Letter issued by NBE
 MBBS Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate.
 MD/MS/DNB Degree Certificate in the concerned Specialty.
 Permanent Registration Certificate of MBBS/MS/DNB issued by MCI or NBE/State Medical Council. Students who have completed/are completing post-graduation by July 31, 2019 are eligible to apply with provisional ertificate.
 High School/Higher Secondary Certificate/Birth Certificate as proof of date or birth.
 Candidates allotted seat must carry one of the identification proofs (ID Proof) to the allotted college at the time of admission (as mentioned in the information Bulletin published by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) for NEET SS: 2019 i.e. PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport or Aadhar Card).

Candidates without original certificates/documents shall not be allowed to take
admission in allotted Medical College.

Candidates who have deposited their original documents with any other Institute/ College/University and come for admission with a certificate stating that “Candidates original certificates are deposited with the Institute/College/University” shall not be allowed to take admission in allotted Medical College.

Q. No. 10: Will my original be submitted by the allotted college?

Ans.: Yes, they will be under custody of allotted college/Institute till the candidate is in admission phase.

Q. No.11: What are the instructions regarding OBC, SC, ST& PH certificates and in-service candidates?

Ans.: There are no reservations of any kind for any category in super-specialty seats as per direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in W.P. (c) 290/1997 Preeti Shrivastava & Anr Vs State of Madhya Pradesh & Ors dated 10th August 1999 and W.P. (c) 444/2015 Dr.Sandeep and Ors. Vs Union of India dated 27th October 2015.

Q. No.12: Is there any restriction for filling up number of choices of Institutions (Colleges) or subjects in choice filling form?

Ans.: No, you can give as many choices as you wish limited to the specialty opted/Exam given during the filling up of examination form and subject to the eligibility for the concerned superspecialty course as per the indicative feeder ourses as provided by MCI notification. However, choices should be in order of preference, as the allotment is done on the basis of choices submitted by the qualified candidate in order of preference given by the candidate and as per availability.

Q. No.13: Is it necessary to fill up the choices and lock the choices to get seat allotted? Or I will be allotted seat automatically from available seats?

Ans.: After online registration (registration is compulsory to take part in online allotment process), you have to fill in thee of subjects and institutions/colleges in order of preference. Once choice is filled in, it can be modified before ocking it. During the choice locking period it is necessary to lock the choices to get a print of your submitted choices. If candidate does not lock the choice submitted by him/her, submitted choices by him/her will be automatically locked on notified date at notified time, however you will be allowed to take a print of your choices after that but you will not be permitted to modify your choices. If you don’t register , you will not be allotted any seat. If you register and do not fill in any choice, you will not be allotted any seat.

Don’t wait till the last minute to lock your choices and to take a printout. Please go through your submitted choices before locking as once you lock the choices the same cannot be modified or changed even if you have made a mistake. Mistake in filling choices may result in allotment of a seat which you never wanted.

Q. No.14: Is it necessary to join allotted Medical College to get chance to participate in next round (2nd round) for up-gradation of allotted seat?

Ans.: Yes, in case a seat is allotted during the Round-1, candidate is required to join allotted institution/college and complete the admission formalities, give willingness for up-gradation to Round-II then only candidate can exercise option to participate in next round (2nd Round) and up- gradation of allotted seat. In this case the earlier allotted seat in Round -1 will be retained if the candidate is not up-graded. Please note that in case you do not give willingness for up-gradation of your seat at the time of joining of seat allotted during Round -1, you will not be considered eligible for participating in Round-2 (i.e. for up-gradation of your choice).

Q. No.15: What will happen if I do not want to join allotted seat of Round-1 and not report at the allotted college during Round-1?

Ans. : If candidate did not report at allotted college in Round-1, then security fees deposited by the candidate will be forfeited and candidate will be eligible for participation in further round of counseling only after re-registration and payment of fees for Round-2.

Q. No.16: What is second round of online allotment process?

Ans.: Second round of online allotment process is Fresh choice filling and fresh allotment of seat as per choice and merit. There is new fresh registration of candidates (only for those candidates who could not register in first round and candidates allotted the seat in Round-1but did not report at the allotted institute and taken exit with forfeiture option) however there will be Fresh Choice submission for 2nd Round of Counseling and eligible candidate will be allotted seat on basis of choice and merit of the candidate.

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