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Applications Invited:Diploma in Community Mental Health for Doctors

Applications Invited:Diploma in Community Mental Health for Doctors

Ranchi: CIP Digital Academy, an initiative under the aegis of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, at Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, has invited applications for admission to the Diploma in ‘Community Mental Health’ for Doctors.

Course Overview:

Diploma in Community Mental Health is specially designed for Medical Officers working at block and district and block level Government Hospitals in various parts of the country. This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the various common mental conditions and their effective management. This is also suitable for those doctors who are willing to upscale themselves to handle any criticalities related to mental health issues.
The course covers the basic concepts, practices and the translation of knowledge into clinical practice.

Course Objectives:

On course completion, the participants should be able to:
A. Identify, screen for mental health disorders (CMD, SUD and SMD) and factors influencing it
B. Decide “best practices” like pharmacological treatment and handle brief psychosocial interventions for mental health issues.
C. Make decisions about what can be managed by them and what needs to be referred to higher centres

(CMD: Common Mental Disorders, SUD: Substance use disorders (Alcohol and Nicotine),
SMD: Severe Mental Disorders (Psychosis)).

At the end of this course, the Medical officer will be able to:

1. Evaluate the common psychiatric conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Alcohol and Nicotine addiction, Psychosis, Sleep and Sexual problems
2. Understand the biopsychosocial model of disorders
3. Evaluate the management options for the above conditions
4. Use effective and evidence-based pharmacotherapy

5. Understand the side effects of medications

6. Perform Brief Psychosocial interventions

Duration of the Course:

This is a blended learning digital certificate course of three months duration. The course will consist of six Self-paced learning modules and six interactive discussions. The teaching would be as follows:

Duration Self-Paced e-learning (Video, audio, ppt, reading) The e-learning pattern can be used for interactive sessions with the co ordinator/participants Interactive
Conferencingthrough mobile app/computer 
Digital Assessments e-Consultation
Total 03 months Six Modules for 20 hours in total using “Google Classroom” app 06 sessions using Zoom Software app
every fortnight
01 Wednesdays

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

MBBS graduates registered with Medical Council of India (MCI) or any of the state medical councils working at District or block level.

What are the criteria for successful completion of the course? (of three months):

More than 80% completion of the Self-paced digital learning module (as measured by the software) + Minimum one case discussion in the fortnightly Tele-ECHO VKN sessions (as measured by the software and your video presence) + > 80% in the final assignment to be held on a fixed date and time for one hour in a video conferencing mode. Assignments will be a problem based on clinically relevant case scenarios, multiple answer questions, short notes etc.

Monthly reports of the patients seen completion of pre-test and periodic surveys etc are part of the course.

for more details click on the link.

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