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Dental Council of India to curb the mushrooming of Dental Colleges

Dental Council of India to curb the mushrooming of Dental Colleges

New Delhi : Dental Council of India is reported to be taking active steps to prevent the mushrooming of Dental Colleges across the country. The council is implementing this safeguard by having all dental colleges initiated only in association with an existing government medical college.This attempt is being made by the apex dental body to promote quality dental education and employment.

Dr Dibyendu Mazumdar, DCI President, attending a three day ‘National Conference of Periodontology (implantology),’ organized by the Indian Society of Periodontology (ISP), told the press that the council was doing its level best to control growth of new colleges in the private sector.

 “What is the use of more colleges without any quality education and employment?” He also spoke of the council having introduced a new regulation, allowing students to go in for a three year condensed course in MBBS after BDS. This, would qualify dental doctors to be able to practice general medicine along with dentistry, he further added.

Highlighting the shifting focus of the council from the urban to the rural, Dr. Mazumdar said, the council had written to all state governments in 2011 to post one dental surgeon in every primary health center; and would like to repeat this appeal to those present at the conference.

“48% of the  population in the country is affected by oral cancer. Hence DCI is shifting its focus to rural areas, to create awareness about oral hygiene and avoiding of tobacco consumption. DCI is also stressing on infection control,” said Dr Mazumdar.

Speaking about the government’s refusal to decrease the NEET percentile to accommodate more students, Dr. Mazumdar said,”I see nothing wrong in it. We should encourage quality education to those who deserve it.”

It is reported that the apex dental body ‘Forensic Medicine’ as a subject in the BDS degree course that has empowered the BDS doctor to issue death certification, in cases related to oral or mouth injuries.

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  1. the condition of fresh BDS graduate is pathetic,while no job is there, they are forced to join dental clinics for a paltry sum of 3000-5000 per month only,sometimes even less !

  2. user
    Prof C V Raghuveer October 24, 2016, 11:52 am

    In paragraph 5 above it is mentioned that 48% of the country\’s population is affected by oral cancer. I want to know whose statistics is this ? If 48 % is the estimate, then every second person is having oral cancer ? It is scary to know that. Please ask the person who made such a ststement to substatntiate with reference or evidence.

  3. DCI is guilty of the wrongdoing by permitting opening up so many Dental Colleges, outstripping the demand. The number of seats in these colleges should be reduced to the tune of unfilled seats this year.

  4. Dr majumdar is totall illegal person how is he holding such post he has not resigned from his service in west bengal be chairman of DCI by oiling babus and ministers,hugh corruption in dci present so much colleges open wher no teaching no faculty no patients only colleges open to earn crores ,he has been kicked too by jharkhand college where he joined illegally to come into dci,his case show how corruption is present in our country,now he talks so much,he should be taken to task immediately for his wrong doing rather listening to his cooked up ideas which change every momment once payment reach there