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Dehradun : MCI visit amidst faculty shortage worries Doon Medical College

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Dehradun: With atleast 20 percent faculty positions lying vacant in Government Doon Medical College(GDMC), the newly functioning  college is in all probability  is going to run into trouble with the Medical Council of India (MCI). The MCI is to inspect the premises of the college in the month of December  for granting the first renewal letter of permission (LOP) to the college for the current academic session.

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The first MCI approval for admission of 150 students in the first year MBBS course,which commenced in June this year, had  been obtained after many failed attempts by Department of Medical Education and the GDMC, after which the situation in the college was such that the faculty members were quitting one after the other, leaving the college short of twenty percent of  deployed staff of  the initial appointments done.


The Department of Medicine in the college seems to be the most affected with  three faculty members leaving their jobs in the last few months. Posts of one Professor, two Associate Professors and two Senior Residents (SR) are lying vacant in this department presently. The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics follows close  with two posts of Associate Professors lying vacant. In the Department of Radio-diagnosis one post each of Associate Professor and Assistant Professor is vacant while two posts of Assistant Professor are to be filled in Anesthesia. The list of vacant positions does not end here; with the Department of Ophthalmology having a post of Associate Professor vacant, while one post each of SR is vacant with the Department of Pediatrics and Orthopedics respectively. A post of Associate Professor is also to be filled in the blood bank of the college.

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The Director Medical Education, Dr Ashutosh Sayana told the Pioneer that the Medical Education Recruitment Board (MERB) had been asked to start recruitment for these vacant positions  by the Department. Dr Sayana expressed hope that the recruitment advertisement would be released within a week.

The MERB conducts walk in interviews to fill the faculty positions of GDMC.

The department pays a fixed salary of Rs 1.23 Lakh to Professor while the Associate Professor gets a salary of Rs 1.10 Lakh per month. The salary of Assistant Professor is fixed at Rs 95000 a month. Similarly the SR is employed on a salary of Rs 65000 while the pay of JR is Rs 47000. Apart from salary, the staff members are also provided accommodation by the government.  The salary obligation of the DMC per month is Rs 1.71 Crores.


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan December 3, 2016, 10:55 am

    There are hundreds of Government & Private MEDICAL COLLEGES across the country. Admitting MEDICAL STUDENTS with out proper infrastructure, S Equipment, Work load, FACULTY, Paramedics, Ministerial, and supporting staff. By hook or crook they manage to take admission in excess . This can happen only in India or countries par below standard. Some how everyone support such things starting from MEDICAL COLLEGE MANAGEMENT, Concerned Universities, The state Government ( the Minister and the Secretary, DME and Dean , Director, principal, the Faculty above all the contaminated and cunning students and teachers). The out come such colleges become FILTH PRODUCING FACTORIES of Qualified QUACKS. Despite shortage Faculty, staff, etc . Neither the Head of Institution nor the Minister has informed the Apex Body ( MCI). Reduce the number of existing seats. Honesty being a rarity , we can\’t except any one to come forward to speak the truth. Despite displayed the Photos or Pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Budha. The slogan \” Satya meva Jayathe\” on our National emblem. When the truth is tampered and False is promoted the country looses its Reputation, it\’s CITIZENS are considered as taghs , touts, and not trustworthy. And their currency loose value, the passports are treated as piece of shit. Their CITIZENS are forced to stand in long queues, and even striped in the immigration like suspects , smugglers. What a shame?. Doctors are supposed to be Next to God, just imagine the Doctors designed in the Devils work shop, learnt lies, tolerated wrong doings, supported corruption, bribed for assessment marks and attendance. Didn\’t bother to learn properly, fail to develop required skills and becoming a Doctors who are more of a Liability than an asset to the Country. Despite taking all the benefits from the Society. Just make a Doctor the Government SPENDS more than core ( Rs 10000000). This is equal to making of 100 graduates of arts/ commerce. Or 5 to 10 Engineers. There is wrong notion in the public, an individual who has been a Doctor is on his own , It is Wrong, it is because of the tax payers money, the submission of the poor and helpless patients to develop the clinical skills, to some extent the Good Teaching Faculty and support by the parents. On his own He or she is like an ordinary individual standing in the long queue to withdraw 2000 Rupees.

  2. I am ask the DME Mr Sayana to go in to the deep search why these learned faculties decided to leave the job.If you feel I may be of some use.

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