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Chirayu Medical College professor allegedly slapped by court magistrate, Medicos take to streets

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Bhopal: Hundreds of medical students and junior doctors at the Chirayu Medical College have taken to streets after a faculty member at the institute was allegedly slapped by a Jabalpur Court Magistrate on account of punishing his son, an MBBS student at the institute. The major protest by the medicos has gone viral on social media.

Alleging that in a show of power the Magistrate harassed the professor, the medicos accused him and his elder son for allegedly beating up the professor.

The medicos alleged that during the elections, the medical college professor had scolded 3rd-year MBBS student for repeatedly breaching the model code of conduct. It was further alleged that the student was creating a nuisance by constantly shouting slogans when he had been repeatedly told not to.


The professor then punished him and made him do situps. The video footage of student being scolded was uploaded on social media by one of his friends as a prank.

Afterwards, that social media post was seen by the student’s elder brother, who then along with his father who is a Jabalpur Court judge and 8-10 policemen barged into the medical college campus when the students were counting election votes. The brother allegedly dragged the professor in front of the medicos and asked him to apologize back to the student or do sit-ups, the medicos stated.

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According to recent media reports, the magistrate along with his elder son slapped the professor and harassed him.

The medicos further alleged that the duo was repeatedly insulting the professor by asking him to do demeaning tasks in front of the students and started recording the footage for sharing it on social media. They recorded a video of him apologizing to the MBBS student and threatened him, alleged the doctors.

Following the incident , the medicos at the Chirayu Medical College took to streets demanding an apology from the magistrate and his sons.


The students have refused to relent back and have vouched to continue the strike until the MBBS student’s father comes from the faculty and apologizes.

The video attached below is the footage of medicos protesting at the institute campus against the assault.

The medicos have also taken to twitter expressing their anger. Slogans #savethedoctors, #justiceforchirayu, #stopviolenceagainstdoctors were raised

Dr Vivek Chouksey, AIIMS Bhopal Medico and an Ex FORDA president also lend support to the protesting medicos

Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti, Ex AIIMS RDA president also demanded suspension and a public apology




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  1. user
    DR. AMIT BHARDWAJ November 29, 2019, 9:33 am

    the high court chief justice has to taken cognizance regarding the said conduct of magistrate..

  2. user
    PROF. (DR) AMIT BHARDWAJ November 29, 2019, 9:31 am

    the high court chief justice has to taken cognizance regarding the said conduct of magistrate..

  3. user
    Prof (Dr) L D MISHRA November 28, 2019, 3:40 pm

    Extremely shocked to hear about the misbehaviour of none other that a Judicial Magistrate. How come he could do so and continue being free to go around. I very strongly condemn the incident .

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