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Charge sheeted PGIMER doctor concedes guilt for making false claims in Research paper

Charge sheeted PGIMER doctor concedes guilt for making false claims in Research paper

Chandigarh: Dr. Pinaki Dutta, one of the  four doctors at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), charge sheeted for research misconduct, by the Director, has conceded to his fault in a reply filed, inform sources.

Dr. Dutta of Endocrinology, PGIMER, along with a colleague Dr. Santosh Kumar of Urology were served ‘unethical practice’ notices for making false claims in their research paper, “Prostatic hyperplasia in acromegaly, a myth or reality: A case-control study” that was published in the European Journal of Endocrinology.

The issue came to light when senior pathologist and one of the co-authors of a paper, Dr Nandita Kakkar complained to the PGI dean about  research misconduct and refused to associate with the research study.


Ms. Kakkar had lodged a complaint against a Dr. Dutta’s claim of having examined biopsy samples, which she said had never been done, as no biopsies were ever processed in her laboratory.The PGI ethics Committee which looked into the matter  found Dr. Dutta guilty.

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Dr Amitava Chakravarti, Head, Pharmacology Department and Dr Rakesh Sehgal, Head,  Parasitology Department, are  two others who have been charge sheeted recently for research misconduct in separate cases.

PGI, Officiating Director Dr Subhash Varma told HT, “I will comment once the inquiry is complete.”

Dr Pinaki Dutta was unavailable for comment, despite repeated attempts at establishing contact.


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh VARDHAN March 21, 2017, 8:11 am

    We should be proud of Dr Nanditha kakkar for her Brave and Honest act for complaint against Dr Datta, pinki chakraverti and others, for their unethical research publication. I also appreciate The Director of PGIMER CHANDIGARH To ISSUE NOTICES AND EXPPOSONG UNETHICAL ACTIVITIES BY THE DOCTORS OF HIS OWN INSTRUCTIONS. WHICH IS A RARETY IN MOST OF MEDICAL COLLEGES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. JUST FOR COMPULSION PROMOTION SOME OF THE FACULTY MEMBERS COME UP FALSE/FAKE/ FABRICATED / WITH PAID PUBLICATION WITH OUT ANY ETHICS , UNFORTUNATELY THE HEADS OF INSTITUTION ENCOURAGE SUCH UNLAWFUL ACTIVITIES . IN MY COLLEGE IT is RAMPANT. I EVEN INSISTED MY spouse NITHER TO SUPPORT NOR ENCOURAGE SUCH UNETHICAL PRACTICES. THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND ITS AGENCIES / COUNCILS / BEUROS …….SHOULD BE STRICT ABOUT STOPPING ANY UNETHICAL RESEARCH PUBLICATION. THIS WAY WE CAN BOOST UP THE REPUTATION OF OUR COUNTRY. OTHER WISE WE WILL LEBLED AS AS OUR NEIGHBORS OF STEELED DATA TO PUBLICATION. These issues are a matter of country\’s Reputation , therefore at every level or at the beginning itself should be Discouraged . Those who got promotion by means of wrong / False/ UNETHICAL means OF PUBLICATIONS , their promotions should be cancelled. Otherwise IT WILL SEND A WRONG MESSAGE ABOUT OUR COUNTRY, AND THE postgraduate students WHO WORK UNDER SUCH FACULTY MEMBERS are more likely to be Dishonest through out their lives. When it comes Medical profession and Defense one has to honest and ethical , for that matter it applicable to even lawyers , politicians and Government employees including babu\’s and others……which is a rarity in our country . corruption does not means to money matters alone . Getting promotions , getting better or more internal assessment marks / in practical exams by influence or with money are nothing but corruption.

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