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Calling Juniors Chashmish, Kaalu will be considered ragging: SN Medical College

Calling Juniors Chashmish, Kaalu will be considered ragging: SN Medical College

Agra: SN Medical College has in  the latest move to eliminate the demon of ragging  from the college campus, has come up with elaborate rulings on it. “Any act of physical or mental abuse including bullying and exclusion, targeted at another student, whether a fresher or otherwise, on the ground of colour, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, region, nationality, linguistic identity or others will count as ragging,” said the President, Anti-Ragging Cell, Dr S K Katharia, speaking to TOI. The college has also put up notices on what words and gestures would amount to ragging. ‘Chashmish’ for those who wear spectacles  and ‘Kalu’,  dark skinned people, have been defined as  ‘derogatory’ terms

“If any student is found guilty of such acts, they can be suspended, rusticated, and removed from the hostel, have their results withheld or face a fine up to Rs 25,000 or higher,” Katharia added.

The college officials clarified that there was no dress code for the college and the seniors needed to treat the newcomers gently.

 “We do not force any student to cut their hair very short, or wear uniforms or buy textbooks from a particular shop. Even senior students found instructing juniors to follow any dress code will be punished according to the rules,” said Katharia.

Dr Saroj Singh, Principal, SN Medical College, announced the forming of Anti Ragging squads, meant to keep an eye on all ragging related activity in the college. She said that if any student was found harassing a junior, action would be taken against him or her. “Teams like anti-ragging cell, ragging squad and mentoring cell have been formed so that students can register their problems with the officials in charge of these cells,” she added and as reported by the TOI.

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  1. Very impressed by this very progressive step, and one that is needed urgently in not just medical colleges but all institutions across India.

    The terms \”chasmish\” or \”kaalu\” may seem trivial to persons who have not faced slurs like these, but in reality they undermine the confidence of the victims they target. The latter in particular is used to victimize persons from the Southern parts, those of tribal/ethnic Indian origin and sometimes assumed to be a characteristic of lower castes. This evil needs to be stamped out and Prof. Saroj Singh and her colleagues and juniors are to be congratulated.