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Bring NEET in PG and Super-speciality Courses, demand Doctors

Bring NEET in PG and Super-speciality Courses, demand Doctors

Andhra Pradesh: A collective voice of senior doctors has been raised in favour of NEET, suggesting that it should also be applicable for medical admissions in PG and super-speciality courses. In other words, NEET should be recognised as a single entrance test for all levels of medical courses.

All levels of medical education would include UG, PG and super-speciality. The reason cited for their strong support for NEET is to bring down the malpractices by private medical colleges. This may mean corrupt practices like selling of a medical seat.

In a media report concerning the matter, doctors have further emphasized on the high cost at which each MBBS seat is sold. It can run in to lakhs of rupees depending upon the demand and supply situation, alleged few senior doctors. In contrast, PG and super-speciality seats can fetch a price of Rs 1 or 2 crore per seat.

This clearly means that students who seek admission on merit are only left behind. For, they cannot afford such high rates to fund their own medical education. This is a gross miscalculation, as PG seats bought under the management quota may not serve the purpose of honestly attending to the healthcare needs of common people, alleged the senior doctors in their further implication on the matter.

Dr B Ramakrishna, an ENT specialist with King George Hospital, said to TOI that, “If NEET is extended to PG and super-speciality level, we can expect the same country-wide uniformity in syllabus and entrance exam for PG courses too. This would be convenient for the meritorious students and provide them enormous financial relief. Not many can afford to buy a PG seat in a private medical college by offering around a crore or more. Those who purchase the seat are more keen on getting back the money as soon as possible through their private practice or by working in some corporate hospital. They inevitably lack the social responsibility to serve the poor. NEET is needed to raise the standard of medical education in the country at all levels.”

Dr G Arjuna, surgeon and assistant professor at Andhra Medical College (AMC), also spoke in favour of the matter. In his statement he implied that one entrance exam for all students will ensure fair admission to any medical institute in India. It will also mean same syllabus, exam and evaluation pattern for each student.

Source: with inputs from TOI
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  1. Urgent need for neet for p.g.and other superspeciality courses.Thousands of crores of black money are involved in the frivolous admissions.It’s nexus between politicians and private medical administrators leading to sick and corrupt medical system.SO NEET IS ONLY WAY TO CLEAN UP SYSTEM.

  2. user
    Dr. Hemant Shah May 18, 2016, 12:02 am

    It’s much needed law to curb malpractices. But enough notice time must be followed.