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Bio metric Systems must to open a medical college: MCI

Bio metric Systems must to open a medical college: MCI

New Delhi:  Bio metric facility will soon be a mandatory requirement for opening of a medical college This decision by the Medical Council of India(MCI), is aimed to put an end to the fake faculty employed by medical colleges to clear its inspections. The apex body is in all readiness to launch the bio metric facility in both government and medical colleges.

 Proposed in 2009, the bio metric system proposal have earlier been stuck in bureaucratic wrangles. However, it has finally been  revived, and is soon to become MCI’s recourse to prevent fake faculty from entering the gates of medical colleges.

 Bio metric facility is being made a mandatory requirement for opening of a medical college.Soon to be launched by Union Health Minister, J.P. Nadda, the system will be an effective way for the MCI to monitor teacher attendance in colleges.

The bio metric system  proposal is meant to expose fake faculty counts that are arranged by private medical colleges,  for MCI approval to open and run their colleges, at the time of Council inspections.

 “The bio metric based network will allow MCI to check on the faculty members that attend medical colleges. This will tighten the noose and ensure that adequate number of teachers attend colleges,” said a senior MCI official .

Linked to the faculty Aadhaar card numbers, the facility is to be launched in about  a hundred colleges in a phased manner. The bio metric system, is meant to be notified under the minimum standards required to open a medical institution.

 “The gazette notification will be out soon making sure that the medical colleges have the system in place before seeking permission to open a new medical college or seeking permission for enhancing seats in the college,” added the official.

Conceptualized with the aim to control “ghost faculty” and dropped as ‘not feasible’ later, the proposal is in for revival on centralized faculty identification and tracking for all medical institutions in the country. The aim of the project is to maintain a database of the faculty, and the time spent by it in the classroom.

 All medical colleges, including the private ones, are in the know of the new proposal.

“We used to receive complaints about the colleges that they did not have the stipulated number of faculty, but would arrange teachers during inspections. The new system will end this practice,” added another official and as reported by The Asian



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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 7, 2017, 7:02 pm

    I will be the happiest man if Biometrics made compulsory for each and every one that means Teaching Faculty, Nursing staff. Ministerial servants, paramedics like lab, OT, X – Ray, ECG, Plaster, technicians, including Group D/ Ward Attenders. Most importantly the Medical students who love to Bunk the classes by one or other excuse. And some how by hook or crook manage to get the attendance. ( By the courtesy of cunning , corrupt elements). Some of the Rascals use heavy influence by using local silly Politicians and nothing works even approach the court\’s, what a nasty way. Such students becoming a Doctor could be disastrous to the patients. So it my suggestion to implement Biometrics compulsory from the pricipal, Professors, pupils, peons and to the patients. I also INSIST to use ADHAR /Digital indentity for everyone at all levels. And include/ install C C TV. With out fail. Hospitals with out being clean can be a disaster. Ultimately instead of Getting rid of the infection , we are more likely to create new diseases with multi drug resistance. According to me most Hospitals In our country have become breeding ground for the Bacterial and vector borne diseases. Cleanliness, personal hygiene, Nutrition should be given at most priority. JuSt by pumping Medicines is meaning less. Look at the fate of the Amma\’S and Appa\’s Despite trying All the funny and Fancy tricks nothing works. And it is only waste of time and effort and money and joy to the so called corporate Hospitals by literary looting money. I call it MOCKERY of Medicine. Promote good health by Holistic approach by clean Habits, healthy food habits, regular exercise, and good . Make it point to mention Medicines can\’t be Magic. ALL the DEPARTMENTS of the Institution should work with coordination and cooperation and commitment which is a rarity in most of colleges across the country, this includes even the Government Medical colleges.

  2. It\’s less a matter of teacher attendance than of ghost faculty appointments !