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Bihar: Medical College Principal and junior doctor land up in fist fight

Bihar: Medical College Principal and junior doctor land up in fist fight

Patna: Junior doctors of Patna Medical College, have called it a strike after a heated exchange took place between the Principal, Dr S.N. Sinha, and a final year student in the Anesthesia Department.

It is reported that the principal as well as a student came to virtual blows after the argument . The incident took place on Wednesday, when the student Alok Kumar, was trying to enter the premises of the college on his motorcycle by getting past a barricade put up as part of a court order. As he was not wearing any apron or carried any identity card, he was stopped by the guard which led to a heated argument between the two. The principal, who was around intervened, and ordered the doctor to take an alternative route.

Eyewitnesses allege that the initial heated exchange between the two soon took an ugly turn, when the two doctors turned violent. Dr Sinha  explaining his action said, “The young man started beating me and I retaliated ” The policemen on duty overpowered the doctor by raining lathis on him.

As  the word spread, junior doctors on duty in the emergency came rushing out and took an instantaneous decision to boycott work. The striking medicos have demanded an unconditional apology from the principal “He should have handed over the junior doctor to police. Instead he humiliated all of us,” one of them, preferring anonymity informed TOI.

The state Health department , coming out in support of the Principal, Dr Sinha seems to have  an adverse view of the developments on campus.

“Enough is enough. They have beaten up the principal. Who is going to be their next victim? They resort to strike at the drop of a hat,” said  Chandra Shekhar Verma, Joint Secretary (health), after his visit to the college. He said the body would support the Principal in the action he decides to take against the erring doctor, though within the parameters of law.

Meanwhile, Dr Sinha, Principal PMC has had a meeting with the HODs  and a decision has been taken jointly to refrain from allotting any duties to the doctors. The Principal further alleged of having been threatened of dire consequences with the student  Alok Kumar boasting of his political links.

“The student called a powerful politician in my presence. Within moments my OSD Dr Arun Kumar received a call from the politician, asking him to settle the issue amicably,” Dr Sinha said, refusing to name the politician.

The principal also alleged that Alok Kumar was a habitual offender who has recently assaulted a doctor of the surgery department. According to Sinha on another occasion he had also beaten up an obstetrics and gynaecology department doctor. Dr Sinha admitted to have lodged an FIR against him in the Pribahore police station.

Speaking about action on striking students, Dr. Sinha said striking students would be marked absent  and stipends deducted if they did not resume duty.

As interim action, the hospital has decided to deploy senior residents and faculty members in the emergency ward. “We have also requisitioned 50 doctors from the Patna civil surgeon’s office,” said PMCH superintendent Dr Lakhindra Prasad. He asserted that  patients would not  suffer due to the strike.


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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 19, 2016, 12:02 pm

    It is not wise bring caste in to such issues, no body carries the CASTE tag on his Forehead. It is a mistake by both , by not following traffic rules, by crossing barricades. In our profession we are here to help the poor and needy. I am neither promote nor demote to any particular individual. We should be the law abiding citizens of our country, country first , caste next. All of us carry same DNA, to over come this evil caste system, we should marry out side our own caste as told by None other than BaBa shahbe. The young man is handsome, He shouldn\’t have violated the traffic rules. Being Handsome is enough one should be Smart. ( When phones can smart , why can\’t we?

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan November 19, 2016, 8:34 am

    Such ugly incidence takes place due to fault of the the Teachers, such wrong elements are supported by them from the beginning itself by favouring attendedence despite being absent, by given PASSING marks in internal assessment despite poor performance. Not be sincere in their work, run away from the hospital to their private nursing homes during workinghours, demanding money from the Helpless patients, favouring petty Politicians. Being scared of rogue type of students. Look at the pricipal , He not revealing the name of Politician Who poked his nose by calling OSD Mr Aurn Kumar. The people sitting in higher positions act like sofestigated Salves ( chamchas). At any cost they want to stick to their seat. It is a common practice in majority Medical colleges across the country to see inefficient, corrupt people sitting/ occupying the higher positions , often with blessings of the dirty Politicians or by Bribing the bad elements. The students should be made disciplined by inculcating values. They should be trained to get knowledge and skills. There is no meaning in distributing degree certificates like elections pamphlets. This country doesn\’t require Qualified Quacks, it needs the knowledgeable and skillful professional . Teachers should be strict, impartial, honest and committed. And than no student can act like a rouge , even bring a son of Gun .

  3. user
    Dr.V.Venugopal Reddy November 19, 2016, 12:40 am

    Students bad behavior and conduct shall be recorded in his admission register.This is unpardonable and strict disciplinary action of rustication needed , as a strong warnig message to all other Medico\’s.

  4. You are a doctor and it is understandable that anyone hits a senior doctor needs a legal action but not unruly hitting by lathis and other doctors. Moreover we need a video proof of who hit first and who initiated the violent behaviour. Here is the video and please read the article again after you see the video

  5. This is what politics does.. Why didn\’t he wear the Id card?! If he didn\’t.. He s at fault. Its sad that he was beaten up. But that\’s because hr bashed the principal whom the security recognised..

  6. Do you have proof that he bashed the principal first? A video proof or do you rely on this written article? Please see the original video and then we understand how journalism affects us on taking an opinion. Please see the video first and then red this article

  7. In video it looks like principal started the braul. But can to stop making it a caste issue plz..