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Bidar: Confusion prevails to find the head of BRIMS Bidar

Bidar: Confusion prevails to find the head of BRIMS Bidar

Bidar: The uncertainty prevailing over who should head District hospital at Bidar is getting troublesome for  patients visiting the hospital.

In the past few weeks, two different heads have been appointed through four different circulars, issued by the government, due to controversy existing over whether the 300 bedded hospital belongs to the Health and Family Welfare Department or the  Medical Education Department.

Presently both Dr.  C.S. Ragate, District Surgeon, a Health and Family Welfare Department appointment and Dr. Shetkar  a Medical Education Department appointee have taken the onus of responsibility in rotation. The two appointments have doctors complaining of administrative set backs in the hospital .

“Signing of files, deputing of officers and other routine tasks are being affected. Approving X-rays and additional diagnostics, certifying autopsies, getting advanced medication of patients and/or extending their stay in the hospital, procuring anti-snake venom, etc. need approval from the head of the hospital. We are tired of running from one office to another for these tasks every day,” said a doctor.

The government on its part continues to remain in a state of confusion. An official notification issued on 25th June by it, advised administrative control of district hospitals at Karwar, Kodagu, Koppal, Gadag, Kalaburagi and Chamarajanagar to the Dean/Principals of  colleges. However, Bidar was excluded from this government notification.

Medical Superintendent, Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences (BRIMS Bidar), Shivakumar Shetkar, has been looking after the administrative affairs of the hospital for the past few years. In the past few days, a decision was taken by the government and the administrative reins were passed onto District Surgeon,C.S. Ragate. This was done on the plea that the hospital belonged to the Health and Family Welfare Department. In the week ahead, a fresh instruction ensued from the Medical Education Department to Dr. Shetkar to takeover the health hub. Not much time elapsed before the government instructed Dr. Ragate to resume charge again.

However,  C. Channanna, Director, BRIMS Bidar, in order to clear confusion has written to the government seeking a clarification. Till such time that a response is received, both officers continue to hold charge at the Bidar District Hospital.

According to Eshwar Khandre, District in-Charge Minister, the issue has been resolved as the Health Secretary,Shalini Rajneesh, is maintaining that the hospital will remain under the charge of the Health and Family Welfare Department. In order to ensure smooth functioning she said that the district surgeon would report to the BRIMS’s Director- as he was from the health department.

The teaching faculty expressed reservations regarding this saying that the system may not work well, on the basis of the fact, that the hospital was a 300 bedded facility, while another 450 were located in the new hospital building. Bringing up the issue of the government announcing BRIMS intake to increase from 100 to 150,the faculty  members reminded that a 750 bed capacity was required for an MCI consent.

“ Therefore, we need to pool these beds and present our case before the MCI. If one hospital runs under the college and the other under the Health Department, our case may be weakened,” said a senior professor.

On the other hand, Mr. Khandre  expressing awareness about the issue said that he was going speak at length to the  Health and Medical Education Minister, Sharan Prakash Patil  and ensure that MCI was met with- in preparedness.

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