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MCI recommends Health Ministry to cancel 395 seats in Bengal

MCI recommends Health Ministry to cancel 395 seats in Bengal

Kolkata:  The Medical Council of India’s recommendation to  the Union  Health Ministry to cancel 395 out of the 445 medical seat increase granted to Bengal in the past five years has pressed the panic button among Bengal health officials who have rushed to Delhi to meet the MCI and Health Ministry officials. The  State officials who have reached Delhi to take up the matter  with the apex education regulator and the Health ministry are Health Secretary, R S Shukla and Special Secretary (medical education) Tamal Kanti Ghosh. The cancellation suggestion was put forward by the statutory body looking after maintenance of the standard of medical education when it found most colleges lacking in infra structure to accommodate the increased  student numbers.

In a letter to the Health Ministry, the MCI said that increased intake of medical Colleges in Bengal should not be renewed. The Council directed that 95 increased seats at Calcutta Medical College, 50 added seats at each of IPGMR, Burdwan Medical College, North Bengal Medical College and Bankura Sammilani Medical College be cancelled.

It also said that permission for the 100 seated ESI (Joka) Medical College, be cancelled.

Besides the ESI, which is a central institute, all the others are state run colleges colleges whose capacity was raised in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

In 2014  the council had also suggested cancellation of over 500 medical seats, however the Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee’s intervention had prevented that from happening.

At present,  a total of 2,450 seats exist in the  17 medical colleges in the state . If 395 are decreased, the state’s strength will come down to 2,045. As 637 seats belong to candidates from the All India medical joint entrance exams, a mere 1,418 applicants to the West Bengal joint entrance examination will be eligible for medical studies effectively.

State health officials, however, felt that the situation was not as bad as what was witnessed in 2014 and therefore did not call for seat cancellation.

“The MCI said the distance between two beds is less than 1.5m, below the specification. They also said the hygiene of student, nurses and residents was poor. They have also cited shortage of equipment, such as OT table, x-ray machines and audio-visual aids,” a senior official said.

Admitting to shortage of nurses and doctors ranging between  9% and  22%, he said, “We have told the MCI, the recruitment process was on and we will fill the vacancies soon.”

President, MCI,  Jayashree Ben Mehta told the TOI, “I cannot talk about all the details but if the medical colleges present their cases, we will definitely take the matter up seriously.”

Though Mehta came across  skeptically on the situation, a source in medical body said, “There are two parameters, the basic infrastructure and the facilities that includes apparatus, medical equipment and faculties. The state medical colleges have more or less fulfilled the basic criterion and so, there is a strong possibility that we may not lose the seats.”

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    Dr Ramesh Vardhan April 20, 2017, 9:44 pm

    If the Faculty, Facilities, Infrastructure and patient care are taken care , no way any body can issue or recommend to cancel the Seats. Everything transparent, soon after inspection the copies of the inspection reports are handed over to the Head of Institution. In case of any discrepancy, the college can approach the APEX BODY , and even can file case . The entire inspection is videographed , unlike in the past. Some of colleges are in a pathetic state, when asked for such a state of affairs, it is like tape answer, what can we do we are helpless, we have requested the Government, or we are not getting Funds so on so forth , the colleges love to give undertaking or assurances in writing etc( The Babus language unlike the TECHNOCRATS). If the responsibility of running The MEDICAL COLLEGES are totally handed over to Doctors with out the interference of the Babus like in the case of AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, NIMHANS with minimal interference and Maximum support . Our Medical colleges can provide at least 4 Times better services to our poor and needy patients. Just by introducing HEALTH insurance schemes most of problems related to financial issues can be managed. I still remember such a Medical HEALTH insurance Bill being discussed in the parliament during Ataljee Government .( With One Rupee per day premium ie one Rupee from the Government and one from the Individual, that means 670 Rupees annually x 30 crore BPL card holders. Can get a decent Health care benefits any where in the country. Unfortunately that never happened . What a pity , what pain , great suffering. Those who couldn\’t afford Rs 670 premium , should have taken HELP from philanthropist/ Taxpayers. I myself would have sponsored at least Two individuals. Like I did it by canceling My LPG subsidy, in the very beginning. There are more than 2 CRORE CITIZENS in our country who gave up LPG subsidy. I am sure at least 5 crore Indian come forward to helping the poor and needy CITIZENS of our country . It is the Failure of the Lawmakers and Babus not to promote such lovely programs . As a matter of fact the very same patients are going to be useful for our Young MEDICAL STUDENTS as a clinical cases. Those who are willing can even Donate their bodies starting from Peon to the PM/ president. Instead of wasting our bodies by burning or burying. Look at the PARSI\’S they feed their bodies to the vultures . What an idea , great isn\’t it ? . Any way there is no compulsion , we are not in North Korea or in China. Even 1 % of our population donates their Organs or the body to the Medical colleges , our knowledge and skills can improve by many folds. Unfortunately there is GROSS Shortage of Dead BODIES for dissection. We were lucky to have one body for 4 students for dissection that too one and half . Now a days There are hardly any bodies available for learning. With out strong basics , it is really hard to be a Good Doctor.If it is Medicines and laboratory finding alone , then every Pharmacist or a lab technician would be a Doctor . ( Unfortunately we have plenty of QUACKS in our country , probably more than 50% of the QUACKS of the World are in India ). This is one of the main reason for poor quality of HEALTH CARE in our country. Any Tom , Dick and Harry can write any damn Medicine in our country which even though not a valid prescription is dispensed by crooks.Which is unheard and unseen in any developed country of the world. Not even the Queen of England or the Prime Minister of U K Madam Teresa May ( Even in April or in June …….) can get medicines without valid prescription. I happened to see the TV clip when the charming British PM Mr Cameron was literally thrown out of the ward by DOCTOR, Go go away how can you step …… Unfortunately in our country even the petty Politicians enter the emergency ward and create nuisance and damage the Hospital property and even bashup the Doctors right in front of CCTV and silly security guard. So that to deplete existing Medical equipment which was procured with lots of Hardship . Before I conclude , let me make it clear MEDICAL EDUCATION is not childs play , it is ALTogether a different ball game , it like Military training . No Babus , nor topiwalas can match . Even the Founder of JAN SANGH path of India was Dr Shyamprasad Mukherjee, The Great B C Roy the First and Best C M West Bengal was a Doctor with triple degrees , who dedicated his entire life for the people of West Bengal. The best of the countries in the world prefers Indian DOCTORS. So don\’t underestimate the power of Indian DOCTORS. \” YOU SHOULD LIVE BECAUSE OF ME \”, this is translated slogan from Sanskrit to different languages across the world one can see. Unfortunately In our Own country majority of the people fail to understand this . They give undue importance to bloody chemicals …. whether The Generic or the Branded ? ? ? .

  2. With the chief minister going after doctors in general, who wants to study medicine in Bengal?

  3. Bengal needs more doctors. Here no of private medical colleges are very few also. Now in consultation with health ministry and mci, and taking corrective actions, Bengal Government should plead for 1000 more mbbs seats to overcome this deficiency of doctors particularly in rural areas of Bengal.