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BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, BSMS 2019: AACCC releases Refund Details, View here

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New Delhi: The AYUSH Admissions Central Counselling Committee (AACCC) has published the refund details for BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, BSMS admission session.

The concerned candidates are requested to view the refund details in the document attached below:

The AACCC has earlier published the Refund Information Clause for this year’s UG AYUSH admission session for BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, BSMS courses.



1 When will the Refundable security amount be refunded if I am eligible as per Refund Policy?

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Ans. Refund will be initiated only after completion of all rounds of Counseling.

2 When and where this Security amount will be refunded?

Ans: Security amount will be refunded only after 15 days from the date of publication of refund details by AACCC in their web-site The security amount will be refunded to the same account from where the security amount was initially deposited by the candidate. E.g. If the security amount was deposited through Card #1234XXXXXXXX5678, then the refund will go to Card #1234XXXXXXXX5678 only. If the security amount was deposited from account # 123456789012 of State Bank of India IFS Code SBIN0003567 then the refund will go to then the refund will go to #123456789012 of State Bank of India IFS Code SBIN0003567 only. Hence the candidate should keep their card/bank account active till refund process is completed.

3 If the security deposit is remitted through unrelated card/bank account can the candidate request for refund to different card/bank account?

Ans: NO, the security deposit will be refunded only to the account from where the security deposit was initially deposited. The candidates are advised to not to use unrelated card/bank accounts for remitting security deposit. AACCC will not entertain such requests.

4 What happens if the candidate, by mistake, makes more than one payment for the same Roll#?

Ans: Candidate can approach the Financial Custodian after 15 days of closing of Registration Window. The Financial custodian will refund the excess payment, if any, within 30 days of receipt request from the candidate. The Financial Custodian will deduct, towards their Admn. Expenses, 50% of the Registration Fee or Rs.500/- whichever is less from the excess payment refund.

5 Do I have to request the Financial Custodian to refund the security amount? What is the schedule for refund of security amount?

Ans: NO. Candidate need not approach the Financial Custodian for refund of security amount. The AACCC will publish the list of candidates who are eligible for the refund of security amount in the website of AACC as and when the counseling is completed. (Once all rounds of counseling are completed). The Financial Custodian will complete the refund of security amount within 20 working days of publishing the eligible list in the AACCC Website.

Once the Financial Custodian completes the refund, AACCC will publish the refund details along with refund date & transaction # in the website of AACCC .The refund will be credited, depending upon the level of digitalization of candidate’s bank, to the candidates account between 02 to 15 days from the date of refund by Financial Custodian.

6 Can candidate initiate refund proceedings through chargeback claim through the card Issuing bank?

Ans: No, Candidates who have been allotted Roll # should not initiate refund proceedings through chargeback claim through the card issuing bank. If the chargeback claim is initiated, the Financial Custodian will not be in a position to initiate direct refund and refund of security amount will be delayed.

7 Who is the Financial Custodian?

Ans: HLL Life care Ltd, a Govt. of India Undertaking under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the Financial Custodian. They will, on behalf of AACCC, collect non-refundable Registration Fees and refundable security amount from the candidates and refund the security amount, on the advice of AACCC, to the candidates.

8 How to contact the Financial Custodian?

Ans: The Financial Custodian can be contacted through mail “”. The Financial custodian will respond only to the mails through mail id registered in the application form.

  • Direct queries to AACCC regarding payment /refund will not be entertained.
  • Financial custodian will entertain only payment and refund related queries through

9 Will AACCC bear the bank charges incurred by the candidate while registering for counseling?

Ans:  NO, Bank Charges if any, incurred by the candidate should be borne by them only.

10 Will the AACCC pay interest in the refundable security amount?

Ans. NO. AACCC will not pay interest on the refundable security amount.

11 Can candidate remit the Registration Fee and Security Deposit from NRI Account.

Ans: NO, since AACCC cannot, as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Rules, refund security deposit to NRI Account. If the candidate wants to use the funds available in his/ her NRI Account for registering for counseling, he/ she has to first transfer funds from NRI Account to NRO Account and from NRO Account to AACCC. The refund from AACCC will be credited to NRO Account only.

12  If the candidate does not get payment confirmation from payment gateway provider, whom he/she should approach for payment confirmation?

Ans: The candidate should approach the Financial Custodian who will respond within 5 bank working days of closing of Registration window.

for more details click on the link mentioned below:


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