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BAMS, BHMS, BUMS Admissions in Maha: DMER releases details of institutional round

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Maharashtra: Through a recent notice Directorate Of Medical Education and Research Maharashtra informed about the Institutional level round for vacant seats in government / corporation/government aided /private/minority colleges (for b.a.m.s/b.h.m.s/b.u.m.s/ & o). The notice along with the full details of the original website of DMER Maharashtra is given:

The Notice for the institutional level round for B.A.M.S/B.H.M.S/B.U.M.S was published on 20/10/2018. Many objections have been received from parents regarding the likely problem which could arise for the student due to this notice. Hence this office hereby cancels the said notice no 36 dated 20/10/2018. The revised notice for the institutional level round for all health science courses excluding MBBS / BDS & B.Sc.Nursing course is being declared here under:-

The seventh round was conducted by this office on 19/10/2018. All the selected/upgraded Candidates are given time to join selected seat on or before 23/10/2018 up to 5.00 p.m. The seats of B.A.M.S/B.H.M.S/B.U.M.S/B.P.Th/B.O.The/B.A.S.L.P/B.P&O remaining vacant in Government / Corporation / Government Aided / Private / Minority Colleges in 85% State quota will be published on the website on 24/10/2018 evening after 6 pm.


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Although rule no 10.2.10. of Health Science Information Brochure (NEET-UG-2018) declares such candidates who have not joined or cancelled their admission for any health science course not eligible for the further selection process, an exception is being made to this rule in view of multiple courses for admission and multiple dates of approval of colleges of different Health Science Courses. Hence all such candidates who have not joined/who have cancelled their admission on or before 25th October 2018 are being declared eligible for the institutional round.

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All vacant seats will be surrendered to respective Government / Corporation / Government Aided / Private / Minority Institutions and will be filled at Institutional Level, as per provision in clause No.16, Maharashtra Government Gazette, Medical Education and Drugs Department, Dated 19/08/2016. The schedule of filling these seats is as follows.

Sr.No Activity Schedule
1 The list of college-wise vacant seats will be displayed on website www. & and on website of respective colleges : 24/10/2018 evening after 6.00 pm
2 Desirous admitted/retained candidates can cancel admission in any Health Science course to be eligible for this Institution level round : 25/10/2018 up to 5.00pm
3 Display of revised vacancy position on website www. & and on website of respective colleges : 26/10/2018 after 5.00pm
4 Display of list of eligible candidates for this institutional round : 26/10/2018 after 8.00pm
5 Submission of the application at the respective institute in person as per attached application form : 27/10/2018 to 28/10/2018 up to 5.00 pm
6 Publication of Merit List / Selection List / Wait List, on the Notice Board of Respective Institute and Website of Respective Institute : 29/10/2018 at 11.00 am
7 Selected Candidates to report respective Institute with all Original Documents and requisite Fees for admission : 30/10/2018 10.00 am to 05.00 pm
8 Display of vacant Seats on notice board/website of the respective institute : 30/10/2018 at 06.00 pm
9 Wait Listed candidates from the Merit List to report to the respective Institute for admission against Vacancy (IF ANY) : 31/10/2018 10.00 am
10 Cut-off date for B.A.M.S/B.H.M.S/B.U.M.S/B.P.Th/B.O.Th/B.A.S.L.P/B.P & O Courses : 31/10/2018 (upto 05.00 pm)
11 The concerned institute should submit details of admitted students by mail to / : 31/10/2018 up to 11.00 pm

Eligibility for Admission Process

1. All the candidates who are eligible as per NEET UG-2018 brochure for the State of Maharashtra.

2. Those who are not admitted, who have cancelled admission on or before 25th October 2018 for any Health Sciences courses through State CET round are eligible.

3. As per direction of Hon’ble High court bench at Nagpur order dated 06/09/2018 in W.P No 5478/2018, the candidate who has given NRI choice for Medical / Dental course and their higher choice was for BAMS course are also eligible for institutional level round.

Candidates Not Eligible for Admission Process

1. Candidates having joined status at 05.00 pm on 25/10/2018 in any Health Science courses will not be eligible for institutional level round.

2. Those who are admitted in Government / Corporation / Government Aided/ Private and Minority Medical/Dental Colleges through State CET CELL.

Procedure for Institutional Round for B.A.M.S/B.H.M.S/B.U.M.S/B.P.Th/B.O.Th/B.A.S.L.P/B.P & O
course –

1. Institutional Round is for Government / Corporation / Government Aided/ Private /Minority colleges
for B.A.M.S/B.H.M.S/B.U.M.S/B.P.Th/B.O.Th/B.A.S.L.P/B.P&O courses for seats remaining vacant after the 7th round.

2. For institutional round eligible and interested candidates should approach to the Dean/Principal of the respective colleges within the prescribed time and submit the application in person. Such type of applications should not be submitted in the State CET CELL/DMER in person or by email. Such type of applications submitted in State CET CELL/DMER or sent by email either to DMER/respective institute will not be considered valid for any institutional level admission process.

3. In the institutional level round, the choice/preference given previously by the candidate become null and void. The candidates will be granted admission on the basis of merit list of respective college for which he/she has applied for the institutional round.

4. At the time of admission, Candidate should submit all original documents and requisite fees in prescribed time, no extra time will be given.

5. The candidates will not be granted admission on the basic of Bonafide / Holding certificate. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to submit all the requisite original documents at the time of admission.

6. Indian Nursing Council has extended the last date of admission of students to nursing institutions for the academic year 2018-19 from 31st October 2018 to 30th November 2018 as per notification F.No.1-6/2018-INC dated 23/10/2018. Hence notification regarding B.Sc.Nursing admission will be published in due course.

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