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AYUSH to be an Elective Subject in MBBS Curriculum: MCI BoG Chairman

AYUSH to be an Elective Subject in MBBS Curriculum: MCI BoG Chairman

New Delhi: Moving towards an integrated system of medicine with benefits of both Allopathy and Indian Systems of Medicine in the country, the Board of Governors at Medical Council of India (MCI BoG) has decided to add  a subject of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) system as a part of MBBS curriculum. The subject will be an elective one as per recent media reports.

In confirmation to the same, a top functionary of the MCI BoG informed HT, “Under-Graduate (UG) medical students will be given the option of choosing AYUSH systems as an elective subject from the 2019-20 academic year.”

Since it is often seen that practitioners of modern medicine do not have much faith on AYUSH system and often question their credibility and scientific validation; this initiative is aimed at introducing future doctors to alternative systems of medicine.

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In May last year, Medical Dialogues had reported about the strong recommendation made by the parliamentary panel to the Ministry on taking steps in introducing modules of the modern system of medicine in the curriculum and pursue the Health and Family care Ministry for introducing similar modules of AYUSH systems in their MBBS course.

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The committee has stated that such an integrated approach towards both systems of medicine would help in understanding the strengths of each system of medicine and also increase the credibility of AYUSH approach.

The curricula of both modern systems of medicine and AYUSH system need to be changed in such a way to strive for integration in the study of medical education itself followed by cross system referals and integrated healthcare services, said a Parliamentary Standing Committee report on Health and Family Healthcare.

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Now, speaking about the inclusion of AYUSH in MBBS syllabus to HT, Dr V K Paul, Chairman, BoG stated, “It is to give a hang of the alternative systems of medicine to the students of allopathy. AYUSH systems can play a great role in promoting preventive health. However, it will not be mandatory for medical students.”

“The students will get to visit AYUSH hospitals, attend outpatient departments (OPDs), etc,” he added.

However, it will not be compulsory for all medical students. The added module on AYUSH will serve as an option for MBBS students.

The new syllabus received final approval from the BoG last month and will be implemented from August when the new academic session of 2019-20 will begin. The 3-month module will be designed by AYUSH Ministry, adds the daily.

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  1. user
    Dr.Gangadhara Rao Potluri August 19, 2019, 8:32 pm

    Very unfortunate confusing and half hearted attempts for integration offering an optional subject for MBBS curriculum leads to more confusion and the time slot recommended will be fruitless and spoils different systems of medicine which have their own credibility if mastered enough.Otherwise we loose both the eggs and goose too.

  2. user
    A. D. Chordiya April 22, 2019, 2:55 pm

    Not good to call others mindless and thoughtless just to oppose it. Integration is good. At least will realize good side of ayush systems. Ayurveda and homoeopathic medicines are not only prescribed by non ayush physicians for their patients but used for own and family. Integration will give high place and bright days to ayush. Duration suggested is too small. Impossible to understand and learn a degree curriculum in few months.

  3. Let the board of governors of MCI who are hell bent upon destroying the Modren Medical Science by following unscientific methods. These board of Governors themselves has been selected in the most
    unscientific manner in a non transparent way sop one can\’t expect them to deliver other than what they are delivering to destroy Medical Science in a \’CAMEL AND THE ARAB\’ STORY .
    The System which is based on one\’s own thoughts without a single piece of Scientific proof, is now being
    introduced GOD BLESS OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS and save all of us.
    Best thing would be that these board of governors be given the taste of their own medicine, and put under treatment for all their ailments By AYUSH\’s ??physicians

  4. Whoever introduce–Ministers let them go 2 Auyush hospitals first & not 2 allopathy hospitals.They should do it make our people 2 encourage Auysh hospitalisations. Any one can choose dere hospitalisation but no mean 2 come in de last stages 2 allopathy .No compultion 2 any medicos 2 study already 2much in de curriculam 2 read.?

  5. user
    dr.babu ravindran February 18, 2019, 1:13 pm

    It is unfortunate to see the Govt in the haste of popularising Ayush is doing unscientific mixing of different systems of medicine which will be detrimental to the health of the public.Instead of promoting research in ayush to establish its scientific validity , it is sad to see the MCI also promoting quackery.This idea is to extent it to BAMS/BHMS students to study modern medicine and allow them to practice modern medicine.instead of improving the quality of teaching and limiting the mushrooming of medical colleges,and make it more credible and responsible,it is sad to to see the enforcing authority it self siding for diluting the quality and promting unscientific myxopathy

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