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Attention Medicos: Ignoring compulsory service in UP may lead to attachment of property

Attention Medicos: Ignoring compulsory service in UP may lead to attachment of property

Lucknow: Students overlooking the new mandatory clause of serving government hospitals or medical colleges for two years will cost medical pass outs heavily in Uttar Pradesh; some even to the tune of a crore of rupees.

Following is the financial liability on students who fail to comply with the mandatory service ruling for service in  government institutions:

  • For MBBS students, the bond value will be Rs10 lakh, for PG candidates Rs 40 lakh and for those completing super specialty courses Rs. 1 crore.
  • Those who don’t comply with the mandatory two-year service clause will have to pay the fine imposed above from their personal sureties.

The recent government decision calls for candidates getting admission to state-run medical colleges to fill a bond for a two-year’s mandatory service at a government medical institution on completion of their degrees; with defaulters being fined heavily.

Those who do not pay the amount recovery will be done according to land revenue recovery rules, which could result in attachment of property, as well.The mandatory posting as per the government order will be of two years (not in a metro city), reports HT.

Following will be the designations at which they shall be appointed in government-run healthcare facilities and colleges.

  • The MBBS candidates will get posting as a non-PG resident at a state medical college or contractual doctor at primary health center with state government.
  • Those doing PG courses can get posting as senior residents or contractual lecturer with a medical college or at community health center under the state government.
  • Super specialty pass outs will have to serve as contractual lecturer or specialist with government colleges/establishments.

All the above will be paid services and candidates will get salaries for the above posts.

The government order also states that in the absence of being employed within three months from the date of completing the course the bond shall be null and void.

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  1. One india and one rule make for every one. Not only medicos and make the bond for all. The medicos are paid fees and studying and Govt is not free teaching them to compel work as trainee with stipend.All Govt free education and ask them to work for the country is sensible and valuable. The case here only medicose need bond and others are free to go for work any where even they study in Govt college. U make free education and increase seat for medicos up MD/MS and change the law of MBBS.. Here Doctors study MBBS and wait for admission to PG class will take time and more effort and the payment is make equivalent to the political nethas who are not educated up to PG. the law making are the uneducated nethas who thinks doctors are qualified to sit in your seat and you are not suitable to sit on doctors seat