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AIIMS Rishikesh spells Code of Conduct for MBBS students, faces backlash

AIIMS Rishikesh spells Code of Conduct for MBBS students, faces backlash

Dehradun: The Rishikesh branch of the premier, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS has managed to become the talking point yet again. Months after taking out a controversial order asking students not to hold social gathering at its campus without permission, the medical college now issued a Code of Conduct for its medical students.

On January 23, the academics administration at the institute had issued a sort of  code of conduct for  its MBBS students. This decision has faced a severe backlash from its students as well as doctors working at the institute and its other branches.

The 7-point instruction for dress code states the following:

“All students of MBBS are informed to adhere following instructions strictly:

  • To be seated in lecture halls according to labelled roll number.
  • Students must wear appropriate scrub suits with a clean apron for lecture, practical and exam.
  • Students should not enter classrooms with bags. Notebooks and writing material can be carried to classrooms.
  • Students will be in class at sharp timings of lecture and practicals.
  • Students will not litter the class area. Any garbage to be disposed of in dustbins.
  • Students will not be allowed to remain in hostel rooms and library reading rooms during class hours.
  • Students, who don’t adhere to the above instruction will be marked absent for that day.

All faculty members, wardens and library staff to supervise and report to undersigned authority and marked absent if instructions not adhered by any student,” added the notice signed Dean Academics

Terming the abovementioned dress code as “Tuglaqi Farman”, medicos are demanding an immediate withdrawal of the dress code instructions for MBBS students at AIIMS Rishikesh.

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In his recent Facebook post, Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti, Resident Doctors Association (RDA) President AIIMS New Delhi said that AIIMS Director is behaving like a dictator and he wants to operate this medical institute like a prison. “He wants to impose a dress code to all students that too an OT dress in Lecture theatres, No one is allowed to carry bags inside the classroom as they are carrying some weapons in their bags and might dig a tunnel to escape classes in between. All students must sit role number wise as sitting random might result in less learning & understanding. Students are not allowed to stay at a hostel or library during lecture time as if others are busy in class so these students might jump a wall of the medical college and might run from this prison.”

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Pointing out the anxiety issues and depression which are being faced by MBBS students in their life due to the enormous study pressure and extreme competition; Dr Bhatti urged the Director AIIMS Rishikesh to “let them enjoy their education rather than making their life more difficult.”

He also requested the Students Union of AIIMS Rishikesh to write a letter to the Director requesting him to roll back these orders immediately.

Earlier, AIIMS Rishikesh was condemned for issuing a notice warning its medical students against holding any social gathering in or out the premises without prior permission.

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A month later, the student union elections at the institute were fallen in a blaze of controversy.

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  1. Dean and director of AIIMS RISHIKESH both are Mentally ill . Both think that these college is property of their father. And if you don\’t follow their instructions or Tuglaki farman they try everything to take revenge. Bcz of this students even don\’t think to raise they voice against injustice happening to them .
    If Medical dialogues you follow this college you will find many strange things.
    Plz expose these corrupt and humiliating (DEAN and DIRECTOR).

  2. user
    Riyazul Qamar Khan January 29, 2019, 2:48 pm

    So AIIMS Rishikesh is a jail