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AIIMS Patna: Final year MBBS student caught running semi-naked in girls hostel, Rusticated

AIIMS Patna: Final year MBBS student caught running semi-naked in girls hostel, Rusticated

Patna: A final year MBBS student of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS), who seemed to have got into a mood of revelry at the pre-Holi bash on February 27, after consuming a thandai-bhang mix and charged into the Nursing hostel, in a semi-naked state, has been rusticated by the authorities. The student left the hostel on March 1, within 24 hours of order issuance. He was escorted back home by a MBBS junior.

 “We have rusticated the student for three years to pacify the girl students. However, we will talk to the students again and review his sentencing because the career of a medico is at stake,” announced AIIMS-Patna, Director, Dr PK Singh on Sunday.

According to eyewitness narration, the MBBS students were celebrating a pre-Holi bash in the college playground, adjacent to the 11 hostels,  on February 27,  when this hostel 9 resident ran into the girls nursing hostel no 6. While sprinting across to the nurses’ hostel his lungi fell to the ground, embarrassing the girls residing in it. However, the saving face of the situation was that the boy who was in a slightly drunken state was overpowered by the security present on the premises, on the ground floor of the eight-story nursing hostel.

Dr Sadhana Sharma, Chief Warden, Girls’ Hostel, in response to the unpleasant incident had all interns (63 boys of 2013 batch) shift from hostel 1 to hostel 4.

The AIIMS administration is alleged to have tried to suppress the entire episode, but the girl nursing students refused to hush it all up saying that if the administration tried to cover him, they would lodge a police complaint. This forced the administration to take the decision to rusticate the student the next day. No police complaint was, lodged with the police.

Bihar, declared a dry state in 2016, calls for a ten-year imprisonment.

The Director of the institute further clarifying the student’s status said that his drunkenness was a result of bhang and not alcohol.

The administration out of concern for the student’s future is considering reviewing the punishment meted out to him. Those well versed with punitive action opine that a minimum of six months to one-year rustication term will have to be served by the erring boy.

 “We have beefed up the security at the girls’ hostel. A security picket with rolling gate will be set up in front of the girls’ hostel. We will also construct a boundary wall around the girls’ hostels and barricading will also be done on the campus,” Dr Singh told HT.

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  1. Light punishment should be given as he has nothing done knowingly he was under influence of Bhang and the lungi fell and he did not do it willingly