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AIIMS MBBS 2019: Corrigendum issued on Vacant Seat position for Round 3 Counselling

AIIMS MBBS 2019: Corrigendum issued on Vacant Seat position for Round 3 Counselling

New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has recently issued a corrigendum on the number of seats available for Round 3 Counselling for AIIMS MBBS 2019 candidates vying for admission into various branches of the premier institute.

As per the earlier notice, there were 17 MBBS seats vacant at AIIMS Telangana. Now, as per the correction, two seats are taken from the SC category taking the total to 15 seats.

Therefore, now, there are 245 seats up for grabs at AIIMS institutes across the country. Candidates, who have applied for AIIMS MBBS 2019 are requested to view the revised vacant seat position.


Below are the number of seats available for Round 3 AIIMS MBBS 2019 Counselling at various AIIMS branches:

AIIMS Bathinda 11
AIIMS Bhopal 18
AIIMS Bhubaneswar 11
AIIMS New Delhi 1
AIIMS Deogarh 26
AIIMS Gorakhpur 14
AIIMS Jodhpur 9
AIIMS Kalyani 23
AIIMS  Manglagiri(Guntur) 22
AIIMS Nagpur 27
AIIMS Patna 15
AIMS Rae Bareli 21
AIMS Raipur 9
AIMS Rishikesh 23
AIIMS Telangana 15
total 245

View the category wise detailed REVISED seat position below:

AIIMS Bathinda 4 2 4 1
AIIMS Bhopal 15 2 0 1
AIIMS Bhubaneswar 8 2 1 0
AIIMS New Delhi 1 0 0 0
AIIMS Deogarh 12 7 5 2
AIIMS Gorakhpur 6 3 2 3
AIIMS Jodhpur 7 1 1 0
AIIMS Kalyani 11 7 4 1
AIIMS  Manglagiri(Guntur) 13 6 3 0
AIIMS Nagpur 14 7 4 2
AIIMS Patna 8 3 4 0
AIMS Rae Bareli 11 5 5 0
AIMS Raipur 4 0 5 0
AIMS Rishikesh 14 4 5 0
AIIMS Telangana 7 5 3 0

All the candidates who are allocated seats in the 3rd Round are required to login to the MBBS-2019 Online Counselling/Seat Allocation portal and actively choose one of the following options within date and time specified in the Important Dates link:

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Option A: ACCEPT allotted seat

Option B: DECLINE/REFUSE allotted seat

(Those who have been allotted a seat in the 3rdround of seat allotment/counselling but DO NOT actively choose either to Accept or Decline/Refuse the offer (Option A or Option B) BY 5.00 PM on 09th to 14th August 2019 and complete the necessary formalities by 5.00 PM on 09th to 14th August 2019 shall be deemed to have declined/refused the offer. The seat shall be declared vacant).

If you have chosen Option A, then you are required to report to allotted AIIMS by 5.00 PM on 09th to 14th August 2019) (Failure to do so will lead to forfeiture of the allotted seat).

Failure to log in and select an option within date and time specified in the Important Dates link will lead to forfeiture of the allotted seat)

However, those candidates who have chosen Option A and submitted a DD of Rs. 1 Lakh in lieu of original Certificate / Documents are required to submit original Certificate / Documents within 05 days of submitting the DD and failing which the admission will be cancelled and the DD amount will be forfeited. Such candidates are not eligible for a further round of Seat Allocation / Counselling except the Open Round of counselling.

All disputes pertaining to the conduct of the examination by AIIMS and Online Counselling/Seat Allocation will be subject to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Delhi.

Corrigendum:- Vacant Seat Position for 3rd Round of Online Seat Allocation/Counselling for MBBS-2019 Course

for more details keep visiting the original website of AIIMS New Delhi is mentioned below:


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