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61,708 foreign MBBS graduates appeared in FMGE in last three years, only 8764 passed

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New Delhi: While, rising costs of medical education in the country are indeed driving medical aspirants to pursue MBBS courses in foreign pastures, their career prospects of practicing in the country are indeed hurdled by the poor performance in the MCI screening test or FMGE exam, that is mandatory for foreign medical students to clear in order to practice as doctors in India

Providing the details of the dismal pass percentages of candidates in the Foreign Medical Graduate exam (FMGE), that is conducted by the National Board of Examinations, the Health Minister recently informed that while  61,708 foreign MBBS graduates appeared in FMGE between 2015 to 2018, only 8764 have managed to clear the exam.

Information to this effect was given by the Minister of State for Health, Shri Ashwani Kumar Choubey


Section 13(4A) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 prescribes that any Indian student who obtains medical qualification from a country outside India shall have to qualify a Screening Test i.e. Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) to be enrolled with the State Medical Council or the Medical Council of India (MCI).

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“National Board of Examinations (NBE) which conducts FMGE informed that in the last four years (2015-2018),
around 61,708 candidates have appeared in FMGE out of which 8764 qualified the exam,” the minister informed the lower house of the parliament

The medical institutions / Universities of foreign countries admit Indian students without proper assessment or screening of the students’ academic ability to cope up with medical education with the result that many students fail to qualify the FMGE. Keeping in view of the same, MCI regulations have been amended to make it mandatory for the Indian students to qualify NEET to pursue foreign medical course.

Providing details about the country-wise performance, the minister informed that of the candidates that appeared in the exam, maximum were from China, Russia Federation, Kyrgystan and Ukraine.

Out of the 61, 708 medicos, 20,314 had pursued MBBS from China while 11,724 candidates completed their UG medical education from Russia; making these countries the most popular choice for Indian students to pursue MBBS course.

Out of them, 2,370 and 1,512 candidates have qualified the FMGE in the past 4 years from 95 China-based and 66 Russian medical institutes respectively.

Ukraine has emerged as the third most-liked country by Indian students for pursuing MBBS. 1,224 from 8,130 students passing from here had cleared the FMGE.

The following table was submitted by the minister in his written reply to the parliament

Performance in FMGE from 2015 – 2018
Russia, China and East Bloc Nations
2015- 2018
Appeared Passed Pass(%)
ARMENIA 1096 237 21.62%
AZERBAIJAN 123 5 4.07%
BELARUS 395 35 8.86%
GEORGIA 1682 348 20.69%
KAZAKHSTAN 1393 143 10.27%
KYRGYZSTAN 5335 589 11.04%
LATVIA 13 1 7.69%
LITHUANIA 3 0 0.00%
MOLDOVA 15 1 6.67%
RUSSIA FEDERATION 11697 1510 12.91%
TAJAKISTAN 901 80 8.88%
UKRAINE 8021 1193 14.87%
UZBEKISTAN 1 0 0.00%
POLAND 5 1 20.00%
BULGARIA 114 9 7.89%
ROMANIA 211 19 9.00%
HUNGARY 5 0 0.00%
GERMANY 5 0 0.00%
CZECH REPUBLIC 1 1 100.00%
CHINA 20314 2370 11.67%

If you want the medical college wise performance in FMGE, click on the following link

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    dr.sallu ahmamed December 10, 2019, 7:47 pm

    Last 4years 2015 to-2018–61,708 foreign MBBS graduates appeared in FMGE in last three years, only 8764 passed!!!!! health minister of India informed parliament. very very low percentage, because the definitely here again the poor academic environment and poor teaching quality. Vewing this status Govt of India must have taken the necessary steps so that this country can have the adequate number of medical seats, must have stopped the EFMG exam

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