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519 MBBS admissions in 17 colleges cancelled by MCI

519 MBBS admissions in 17 colleges cancelled by MCI

The Medical Council of India(MCI),  in a stringent measure has cancelled 519  MBBS admissions of students enrolled in 17 colleges and attending classes for the past three months. The education regulator alleges that the colleges admitted these students directly; a violation of the Supreme Court order dated 28th September, 2016. The order directed the state governments to hold centralized counselling and allocate colleges to students on the basis of their NEET scores.

 “While scrutinizing the admissions process, we found that 17 colleges in three states have given direct admission to 519 students in violation of the SC order,” said a  senior MCI official, in response to an RTI application, filed by a correspondent.

Investigations are underway and more admission cancellations are likely to happen. This is the first time that such a large body of students is being expelled from MBBS programs for not complying with admission rules.


The medical colleges on their part have defended their act of direct admissions by saying that the counselling process was very slow and filing up seats by the admission deadline (October, 7, 2016, )had become next to impossible. This they said was the reason for  taking on direct admissions, rather than towing a baggage of vacant seats. Uttar Pradesh heads the list, with the highest number of violations. It is believed 14 colleges gave direct admission to 481 students in the state. The three other states that follow are: Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu; each with  one college and a total of 38 students reports HT


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  1. as they are neat qualified students and india nead more doctor in rural area so ; it has to be reconsideration.

  2. But who will punish administration/ management of such Medical institutions. In the whole process the students were soft target. Apex Court can not be expected to intervene every time. CBI is over loaded with cases of all kinds. The Medical Council has to be proactive. If it was Australia or Russia then the rule is to first close down the entire chain of medical institutions belonging to that group of management and close their bank accounts. Case is filed there after.

  3. why should the medical colleges be punished? the most basic infrastructure of any private college is much better than many govt. medical colleges. The level of study is much better in private colleges. Govt college has teachers for name sake only who are busy doing private practice

  4. Apex Vourt, MCI and Govt. of India have act ruthlessly with out mercy on any one to weed out corruption from Medical education in India.
    Uttar Pradesh Medical colleges both govt and private have done all sorts of mal practices to run the show.
    I am happy in the cancelled admissions.

  5. Dear Sir, why students should suffer? Also how MCI expects private medical colleges to run with vacant seats (how quality can be expected out of them if they dont have basic funds). the mci requirements can not be met without adequate finances either from state or students. MCI has made a big mistake. I expect MCI to be scrapped soon and NMC to take sensible decisions. Lets wait for the upcoming parliament session. (it would have been scrapped by now if parliament had functioned in last budget session). Jai Hind

  6. Both students and guardians knew very well that the admissions are being done through fraudulent means. There should be no mercy on them. Yes we should have sympathy with those deserving candidates who were denied admissions.

  7. Action should b taken on medical colleges why students are punished

  8. Typical of our nation to find any means to circumvent rules and regulation
    Hopefully merit will gain a toe hold on medicine thanks to strict implementation of rules and enforcement by supreme court

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