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5000 PG Medical seats Per Annum to be added: Finance Minster

5000 PG Medical seats Per Annum to be added: Finance Minster

It is a known fact that the Indian healthcare chronically suffers from the shortage of manpower. Moreover, the said shortage becomes glaringly visible when it comes to specialist and super-specialist professionals.

To ensure adequate availability of specialist doctors to strength the secondary and tertiary level  health care, the Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley, while presenting the Budget 2017 was seen making announcing measures to ensure the availability of specialist doctors at Secondary and Tertiary care hospitals. For the same, the minister announced to take to steps to create ad additional 5000 PG seats per annum. Steps will be taken to

  1. Start DNB courses in big district hospitals
  2. Strengthen PG training in select ESIC and Municipal Corporation hospitals and
  3. Encourage reputed private hospitals to take up DNB courses

The minister announced that the central government would work with the state government to take this task forward.

Besides this, the Budget 2017 was seen highlighting the government’s commitment to bring into place reforms in the medical education sector as was earlier highlighted by the Niti Ayog appointed committee.

The government is also committed to take the necessary steps for structural transformation of the regulatory framework of the medical education and practice in India

Needless to say, this alludes to the impending National Medical Commission Bill which is soon to be introduced in the parliament.

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  1. I can see after few years graduate or pg docs will work in post office or banks. It\’s similar to dentist who don\’t get the job because of overproduction. Opening new aiims is as usual idiotic decision. Why don\’t they open supreme Court in every state ??

  2. Just as in case of engineers and mba. Which were once a sought after profession.

  3. user
    Dr. Gurudutt joshi February 1, 2017, 6:28 pm

    May feel good !! Lets come to the facts now- India is a country of villages , and no government has understood this in deep or even if understood no pollitical will either , so far ,because under the pretext of development and globalization ,villages are being destroyed at the cost of urbanization and employment. On the contrary mission at the time of independence was to strengthen and make villages self sufficient ,where is that ? Does increasing seats gives a guarantee to decrease doctor population ratio ? that too in rural area !! The main reason is to find out why doctors are not willing to move to rural areas ,until solution to this is not saught ,it is very difficult to get expected targets and results .My own experience way back in 1996-97 the vacancy till date for MBBS doctors and specialist have almost remained same ,when I left the health services.There were many reasons which compelled me to leave service , number one was , the facilities and infrastructure ,second beaurocracy and administration interference of local politics these were the few. In addition budget allotment to health is least attractive as it is considered an extra expenditure rather than obligation to public by govt.s They cannot afford to run medical colleges ,that is why pvt. Medical colleges comes up every now like mushrooms and does one think they are for public welfare ,not at all they are a kind of business for profits ,some of the masters of such medical colleges are politicians themselves either or highly influencial people ,so that is it ,when money superseeds education in a society these things are bound to occur