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32 new medical college disqualifications may jeopardize careers of 4000 students

32 new medical college disqualifications may jeopardize careers of 4000 students

New Delhi: There is a possibility of nearly 32 new private colleges finding their institutes disqualified for failing to qualify the standard requirements of the Medical Council of India (MCI).The disqualification will  lead to jeopardizing the career prospects of 4000 students approximately.

These 32 colleges were approved by the Supreme Court appointed Oversight Committee in May 2016. However, the  apex medical Council has disqualified the institutions, due to their inability to meet the required standards reports HT.

A government source has however, revealed that the Health Ministry is looking into the medical regulators latest report, and has already spoken to heads of the institutions, that have failed the inspection test. There is a possibility of the Health Ministry calling for another inspection of colleges with minor drawbacks.

The RM Lodha headed Committee had earlier, overruled the Medical Council of India’s (MCI) decision of disqualification,  on the condition, that if these colleges failed the inspection another time, they will not be allowed to admit students for two years.

Following this, these colleges admitted 3,957 NEET qualified students in the summer. Rules state that these students will have to be shifted to other colleges, if the institutions they are admitted to, fail to qualify the MCI inspection. Experts have highlighted that the shift would indeed be a challenging proposition.

Problems accrued for these NEET qualified students, when the second round of the MCI inspection in November, saw just two colleges qualify the regulator’s benchmark. These colleges were Maheshwara Medical College in Andhra Pradesh’s Chitkul, and Amaltas Institute of Medical Sciences at Dewas in Madhya Pradesh .

The colleges disqualified suffer from faculty and resident doctor shortages, locked intensive care units (ICU) and emergency wards, and vacant general wards.  Worse still some colleges have also been found having submitted forged documents, to present proof of  requisite number of faculty, or having  lined up fake patients in wards, for MCI approval.

An investigative survey carried out by the HT team also discovered similar deficiencies like no faculty, locked operation theatres, Empty ICUs,  and under-construction departments and buildings, awaiting joining students at oversight committee approved institutes .

Sudhir Giri, Chairman ,Venkateswara University that has failed to qualify the MCI  regulations, said: “The MCI is biased and adamant on barring us for vested reasons.”

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    Lucknow: The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court on Monday ordered the management of Dr MC Saxena Medical College in the city to pay Rs 25 lakh damage per student for \”wrongly admitting\” 150 of them in the MBBS 2015-16 course.

    It directed the management of the college to deposit the entire amount in respect of all the 150 students with the Director General of Medical Education, Uttar Pradesh within two months.

    The Director General, Medical Education, in turn, shall distribute the money among the students after due verification.

    The court though refused to grant relief as sought by the petitioner students and dismissed all the writ petitions filed by them in the matter.

    The petitioners had sought a direction to allow them to appear in the first year MBBS examination for 2015-16.

    The judgment was delivered by Justice Devendra Kumar Arora on six writ petitions moved by some students.

    State counsel Sanjay Bhasin said the college had no affiliation or recognition of Medical Council of India (MCI) and 150 students were wrongly admitted without proper counselling, in a process which was \”neither transparent nor fair\”.

    \”This court is constrained to observe that there has been a wilful disobedience by the respondent medical college of the orders passed by the apex court, which is nothing but an interference with the administration of justice. Disobedience of an order of a court, which is wilful, shakes the very foundation of the judicial system and can erode the faith and confidence reposed by the people in the judiciary, and undermines the rule of law,\” the court said.

    It further observed that the medical college had shown \”scant respect\” to the order passed by the highest court of the country and proceeded, under haste, to impart medical education to the petitioners in the first year MBBS course, possibly to make an \”unlawful gain, adopting unhealthy practices\”.

    same should be done with Dri dev suman subharti medical college dehradun for their fraud and cheating and his so called trustee dr atul bhatnagar

  2. Simran Jeet Kaur, Judicial Magistrate 1, Dehradun, has cancelled the bail of Dr Atul Kishan Bhatnagar, head of the Subharti group of Institutions, whose cheques of several crores of rupees issued to complainant Nitu Verma had bounced. Dr Bhatnagar allegedly issued her cheques in a deal that she would designate him as a trustee of her Shri Shri 1008 Narayan Swami Charitable Trust that is running Shridev Suman Shubharti Medical College in Dehradun.
    Nitu, who claims to be the original owner of the medical college in question, pleaded in the court that the accused had not renewed the bank surety given in his bail plea and was trying to mislead the court with his absence. Hence his bail plea should be rejected.
    The Judicial Magistrate, acting on a report received from her office stating that the given bank fixed deposits for the bail expired on November 12, 2015, and October 17, 2015, ordered cancellation of Dr Bhatnagar’s bail.
    With this development the dispute over the accreditation of Sridev Suman Subharti Medical College, Dehradun, has turned murkier, jeopardising the future of 150 MBBS students, who were enrolled in 2016-17.
    An Oversight Committee (OC) of the Medical Council of India (MCI) mandated by the Supreme Court had given conditional permission to Dr Jagat Narain Subharti Charitable Trust to establish Sridev Suman Subharti Medical College in Dehradun but during inspection and evaluation on October 26 and 27 the MCI found several discrepancies, besides a land ownership dispute.
    Thereafter the executive committee of MCI at a meeting held on January 13 this year recommended to the Uttarakhand Ministry of Health and the oversight committee that Sridev Suman Shubharti Medical College should be debarred from admitting students to the MBBS course for two years. It also decided to encash the bank guarantee of Rs 11.50 crore furnished by the Dr Jagat Narain Subharti Charitable Trust to run the medical college in pursuance of the directives passed by the oversight committee.
    The MCI in its report stated that, “The trust does not fulfil the qualifying criteria of establishment of a new medical college”. The trust possesses 13.59 acres, which is disputed, and has failed to get any relief from the Uttarakhand High Court. The minimum requirement according to the MCI regulation is 20 acres, which could be in two pieces not more than 10 km apart. One piece should be of minimum five acres which was not the case as the college was having land in three pieces in three revenue villages, said the report. Meanwhile, the college authorities have expressed ignorance whether Dr Bhatnagar’s bail has been cancelled.
    Aggrieved medical students have welcomed the court order. They alleged that the college had charged exorbitant fees of Rs 11 lakh. Due to the dispute their future was in jeopardy and a compensation of Rs 25 lakh, according to the Allahabad High court ruling in the MC Saxena Medical College, Lucknow, case should be paid to each of them.
    Medical Education Director Dr Ashutosh Sayana said, “We are making efforts to ensure that the future of the students is not endangered and the department will try to adjust them elsewhere. We are working to act on the directions of the Secretary, Medical Education, the MCI and the Union government and ensure the refund of fees as soon as they receive directions in this regard

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    Prabhat B. Nichkaode February 27, 2017, 6:43 pm

    Brave Decision who so ever has taken it, Everybody as doctors must realise the fact that many of us are going land in the hands of these doctors who are trained ( Untrained ) in medical institutes like this- where there are no teachers, infrastructure, equipments & most importantly patients. My experience as a Medical teacher in a private Medical college, the management on the day of Inspection try to prove that we have everything required for the admission of Medical Students. Now the MCI – Lodha Committee is doing really an excellent Job – of recognising these institutes & punishing them well. My dear students & Parents must remember the fact that before taking admission they must confirm all these facilities .available in a given Institute. All these years this was a regular happenings but not now.

  4. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 5, 2017, 12:06 am

    Biggest mistake on the part of the OC committee to grant permission to admit students in the Medical colleges with out adequate infrastructure, FATALITIES and the Faculty.

  5. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 5, 2017, 12:00 am

    It was the greatest mistake on the part the O C to grant permission to give admission in the New medical colleges with out adequate infrastructure, FATALITIES, and FACULTY and supporting staff. Just by undertaking from the college Management. Let me make it clear it is not as easy as looks to the Over sight committee . Even for The MCI inspector being In the field for Good number of years and vast experience at times finds it difficult. The Judiciary should BETTER confined to the courts rather than integrating with the Medical Education and other professional BODIES. Let them work on completing the long pending cases , which in turn causes enormous amount stress and financial loss to the CITIZENS of country.prababaly our is the worst legal system in the entire world. The the recently Chief Justice of India was on tears for being helpless in providing Justice on BhttpBecause time and tide waits for None. And Justice delayed is JUSTICE DENIED. This is due to Bad governance by the successive Governments of India.