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Maharashtra: DMER releases fee structure list of private Medical and Dental colleges in state

Maharashtra: DMER releases fee structure list of private Medical and Dental colleges in state

The Directorate of Medical Education & Research (DMER), Government of Maharashtra, has released the fee structure of the Private Medical and Dental colleges across the Maharsahtra state.

Students who want to seek admissions in Private MBBS and Dental colleges of the Maharashtra state can examine the fee structure  of the respective colleges.

In order to get more information regarding the Fee structure of Private MBBS and Dental colleges of the Maharashtra state, aspirants can visit the official website of the Directorate of Medical Education & Research  (DMER)

A detailed PDF list of fee structure of all private Medical and Dental colleges (excluding deemed universities) has attached.

Check the attachment to see the PDF file

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  1. Date: 17th May, 2017
    I have addressed an e-mail to The Director,
    Directorate of Medical Education and Research to look into the exorbitant demand of fees by various private unaided medical and dental college. The DMER has put up the fee structure of private unaided Medical & Dental Institutes as per information submitted by Institute to it on its website of DMER for Post Graduation Medical and Dental Course for the year 2017-2018. On perusal the fee structure submitted to the DMER by the private unaided Medical and Dental Institutes it is clear that the fee structure of various Institutes is not only unlawful but also illegal and such fees cannot be demanded by them at the time of admission. I requested it to inform the private unaided Medical and Dental Institutes that they cannot interfere with the process of admission being conducted by the DMER by demanding and/or proposing and/or accepting from prospective students the fees as set up by them on the DMER website and they cannot demand any fees in excess of the fees fixed by the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra. Their entire admission process as well as the fees which they are entitled to is governed by the Maharashtra Unaided Private Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admissions and Fees) Act, 2015 read with the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Prohibition of Capitation Fee) Act, 1987 which are in force in the State of Maharashtra. Even the deemed universities are not out of the ambit of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Prohibition of Capitation Fee) Act, 1987, hence, by allowing them to demand and/or collect such fees over and above the fees fixed by the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra would be illegal and would tantamount to the DMER putting a stamp of approval of their unlawful act. These misleading acts should not be allowed and even the fact that the fees have been fixed as per Supreme Court judgment should not be allowed to be published on its website as the same leads one to believe that the same bears the sanction and approval of the Hon’ble Supreme Court which is dishonest, false and can be easily categorized as a fraud being perpetrated . If the records are perused it will be seen that the fees fixed by the Fees Regulatory Authority, Maharashtra have been on the basis of information given to it by various institutions. However it appears that these institutions did not participate in the first round as it appears that their fee structure had not been fixed as per their demands which were contrary to law and contrary to the records submitted by them. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in various pronouncements has clearly struck off the system of cross subsidization of fees whereby fees of students obtaining admission in management quota (institution quota) are to subsidize fees for students obtaining admission in general quota. The said judgment has not been set aside as of today and the same has the force of law. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has also prohibited profiteering in education. Though private unaided colleges are allowed to fix their fees their fees have to be approved by the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra alone is authorized to fix the fees of such institutes, hence, by putting up the fee structure without the approval of the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra the DMER is putting its stamp of approval to such unlawful demands of such colleges which is contrary to the law. Even the demand of such institutes seeking bank guarantee for the entire three years period is illegal, unlawful and contrary to the law existing as well as various judgments of the Supreme Court of India. The management of these private unaided institutions as well as such deemed universities are liable to be prosecuted for the offences for contravention of the laws, hence,
    (i) I requested the DMER to forthwith call for records from the Fee Regulatory Authority of the fees fixed for all these institutes and permit the students to pay such fees as approved by the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra till their proposal for fees are accepted by the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra;
    (ii) In the alternative and without prejudice to the above I requested the DMER to direct these institutes to submit to the DMER the fees approved by the Fee Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra;
    (iii) I requested the DMER to ensure that only the current years fees are accepted by such institutes and further ensure that such institutes do not coerce and/or force the students to submit any bank guarantee, security and/or post dated cheques covering the fees for the rest of the years of their course.
    (iv) I requested the DMER to ensure no colleges take bond or bank guarantee from any student to work with them upon passing P. G. Degree Course from such college and further stipulate such condition to work and/or submit such bond and/or bank guarantee in contravention of the law;
    (v) I also requested the DMER to initiate criminal prosecution of such institutes and/or their management for gross contravention of the law with and/or without dishonest intention to profit from education and/or with and/or without dishonest intention to compel students to pay capital fees under the guise of such unapproved exorbitant fees or demanding the fees for the entire course under the guise of bank guarantee or post dated advance cheques being deposited with such institutes;
    (v) I requested the DMER to direct that even those management (institution) seats not filled up under such quota be available to the students of general category at the fees fixed by them for general category and not management (institution) being unlawfully demanded by them. Being the authority the DMER is to uphold the law, hence, it is the DMER\’s bounded duty to follow the law and not be a party to such exorbitant and unlawful fees being demanded by such institutes which cannot by any stretch of imagination be justified and take suitable remedial steps to ensure fair allotment of seats as well as ensure that no profiteering and/or unlawful monies are extracted from the stake-holders.
    I informed the DMER that should it fail to take appropriate steps enumerated in my letter WITHIN FORTY EIGHT HOURS of receipt thereof I shall be constrained to initiate appropriate legal proceedings, hence, the concerned private unaided colleges and deemed university be informed accordingly alongwith all applicants to enable them to be aware that they shall be amenable to such orders as may be passed by the Hon’ble Court. Now I wait for what action the DMER is going to take on my letter. Copy of my letter has also been sent to the Fees Regulating Authority as well as Admissions Regulating Authority. Let us hope the government intervenes as stops this exorbitant demands by private medical and dental colleges. If any parent and/or student would like to join me in my attempts to ensure justifiable fees and allotment of seats of merit you may contact me on my cellphone number +919821562897 or write to me at my address at 74, Hira Kumbhar Chawl, opp.New Model Cinema, S. G. Barve Marg, Kurla (W.) Mumbai-400070.
    A. V. Yadav (Advocate High Court, Bombay)

  2. user
    paramjit singh tiwana May 11, 2017, 2:42 am

    I want to know LATEST fee structure for mbbs 2017 NEET Admission. above fee structure is of last year admission.
    If any one knows, please help.

  3. user
    Dr. Uday Dattatreya Prasade January 27, 2017, 12:28 pm

    Very informative. Please put up the same for various Post Graduate courses too I.e. seats and fees

  4. user
    CHAMPAKLAL j SOLANKI August 23, 2017, 2:05 pm

    MR Chmpaklal solanki
    i was resident in maharashtra last five year and may daughter is also learn here upto 12th std .
    & she want to take in maharashtra in govt or privt mbbs college. So my query is my sc cast certificate in
    gujrate state it is valid in maharashtra for mbbs admission. She is eligible to online in for to file
    SC categary. if elegible then where we are validate cast certicate & non creminal certificate.
    One more question domicile certificate is not neccessary to validation . I hopefully you will t give us right suggestion to help in this kind of matter