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2 MBBS Students at AIIMS Bhopal Suspended, allegedly for exposing Favouritism

2 MBBS Students at AIIMS Bhopal Suspended, allegedly for exposing Favouritism

Bhopal: The authorities at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Bhopal are believed to have ordered the suspension of two final year MBBS students for raising their voices against the prevailing alleged malpractices at the Institute. Meanwhile, Wearing black badges, AIIMS students boycotted their classes on Wednesday, against the act of suspension. They demanded that there was an urgent need for a  permanent director as they had no one to listen to their grievances.

The two suspended students are alleged to have floated a common platform called ‘Ghotala@AIIMS Bhopal to expose the supposed scams and irregularities taking place at the medical college. One of the two suspended students had taken it upon himself to highlight the appointment of medical Superintendent Dr Malik, who presently holds the position of dean at the Institute. Apart from this, the medicos also accused Malik of practicing favoritism in the case of his son, a final year student at AIIMS. According to his charge, Dr. Malik on becoming Dean ensured that his son topped in some of the theory subjects. He alleged that the boy was usually absent from all his classes and clinics and got proxy attendances, reported FPJ.

The other suspended student had taken on cudgels on the issue of Freedom of Speech with the authorities. He pointed out that in the absence of a permanent Director, the administration was arbitrarily and suppressing freedom of speech in the students.

Informing Medical Dialogues, they while requesting anonymity, alleged that their opposition to the doings of Dean at the Institute on the public website was what they allege led to their suspension for a month, the very next day.  Some of the other allegations made by the two included

  • Deliberately  failing of a student in the subject of Medicine, who had otherwise passed in all the subjects, but had been involved in a scuffle with the Dean Academics son two years ago at a festival
  • Back to back suspensions to appease teachers on matters personal resulting in all students of AIIMS Bhopal shooting emails on grounds of Freedom Of Speech.
  • Teachers paying classroom visits to each batch during class hours class hours to frighten them of consequences if they made use of email or social media or any form of media.

The students professed that though they were earlier hesitant to pick up cudgels with professors publically as this would earn the college a bad reputation, they later decided that accountability from these professors would not be called for by anyone if they stepped back now.

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