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12 things to keep in mind while preparing for PGI PG Entrance Exam

12 things to keep in mind while preparing for PGI PG Entrance Exam

Preparing for medical entrance exams can be a daunting task. Each particular examination requires a different strategy, both in terms of preparation as well as answering at the time of examination.
PGI entrance exams, in particular, call for a slightly different approach from AIIMS/ NEET PG examinations. So here are some points aspirants need to keep in mind while preparing for PGI PG entrance exams.

1.) Solve 10 yrs PGI papers with explanation

2.) Search explanation for all options (because in PGI exam they usually ask same question with little smart differences).


3.) Try to solve 5 to 10 years ALL-INDIA/AIIMS paper with explanation (NOTE: in PGI, often they ask question by altering statements and options of AI/AIIMS questions).


4.) Its an exam where your concept will be tested, so always focus on important concepts and revise them regularly.

( NOTE—-try to revise 2 hours everyday , specially in morning hours begin your schedule with revision.)

5.) Don’t ignore short subjects like.


6.) Keep discussing important and tough facts/concepts while going for tea/ lunch/dinner(avoid gossip at this time;it will surely provide you edge over others).


7.) Just go through “Harrison -19/e –tables “ and info given below the DIAGRAMS of “ROBBINS PATHOLOGY” (for example have look at tables of Renal/ CNS/ CVS/RS/endocrinology/genetics/neoplasia/hematology….and PGI they ask questions from info below the diagrams also).


8.) REVISION of CONCEPTS and ANTICIPATION of future mcq will hold main key during PGI exam preparation.


9.) Try to tick those options only in which you are very sure.

10.) In PGI-exam more than one options are right and every right /wrong options will be deciding rank…so be careful …!!!!

11.) Do Not try to solve like ALL INDIA /AIIMS pattern where we rule out other options,


12.) Approximately 480 t0 580 options to attempt will be good strategy.

“With iron will-determination ; firm positive belief and highest amount of courage can change nervous last moment into glorious trumph”

With inputs from Dr Mukesh Bhatia – a renowned medical educationist, having experience in the medical education sector for more than 35 years and is currently the Chairman of Dr Bhatia Medical Institute, one of the most prominent PG Medical Coaching Institutes in India.

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