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10 Preparation tips for NEET PG students

10 Preparation tips for NEET PG students

With NEET PG 2017 just round the corner, stress levels are going up among the students. Normal levels of stress are indeed beneficial to the extent that they can help you work, think faster and more effectively, and generally improve your performance.However, if the anxiety you are experiencing feels overwhelming, your performance may be affected.

Here are a few tips to help tide over the anxiety with the exam just round the corner:

1. Don’t waste too much time on medicine as there are just 21 MCQs from there.


2. The first and second year subjects are probably more important for competitive advantage as most people don’t study them.

3. As usual the small and tricky subjects will decide the ranks, so study these carefully.


4. Please stop mugging up guide books’ answers. Not only are they wrong but the question bank has changed. This is true, especially for small subjects.


5. Take hands-on training for computer too. This may range from 30 mins to 1- 2 hrs training. Make sure you consult some computer literate person. He will surely be an asset.


6. The best thing you can do for yourself in this crucial time of preparation is to boost your answering capability on computers. You have the content in your brain; it should be appropriately translated as answers to the MCQs. So go ahead, give online tests; virtually wherever you find a chance. There are many websites/institutes that offer free of cost online tests. So, that’s where you hit the right target!


7. A quick glance at Pathology (initial 5-6 chapters from Robins small book), Medicine (CNS, Endo), PSM (changes in NHP’s, recent advances, vaccines) and Pharma (recent drugs) could be on your due chart for some days before the exam.


8. I always advise – Don’t go deep, try to swim as far as possible. Read little of everything!


 9. Know the venue and please do not panic! There are high chances of stranger anxiety; courtesy the online testing platform.


10. Keep your mind cool on the day of the exam! Be rest assured that you will clear the exam, if you have worked hard for it.


With inputs from Dr Mukesh Bhatia, who is a renowned medical educationist, having experience in the medical education sector for more than 35 years and is currently the Chairman of Dr Bhatia Medical Institute, one of the  most prominent PG Medical Coaching Institutes in India. 

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