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Exam Title : Forensic Medicine

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: Which of the following skull fractures is called a ‘Motorcyclist’s fracture’
Ring fracture of base of skull
Hinge fracture of base of skull
Comminuted fracture of skull
Depressed fracture of skull
Question #2: In which of the following rigor mortis is not seen?
Well built male
Well built female
Old patient >80 years
Infant<7 months
Question #3: Harakiri is death by
Stab in neck
Stab in thorax
Stab in abdomen
Stab in wrist and neck
Question #4: All of the following may cause Traumatic Asphyxia, Except
Railway Accident
Road Traffic Accident
Accidental strangulation
Stampede in crowd
Question #5: ‘Sparrow’s foot’ mark is seen in
Gunshot Injuries
Stab injury of face
Windshield Glass injury