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Exam Title : Forensic Medicine

Number Of Question : 20
Question #1: In civil negligence, onus of proof lies on:
Judicial first degree magistrate
Police not below the level of sub inspector
Question #2: A young man with known history of heroine addiction is brought in the emergency in unconscious state by his friends. On examination his pupil are pin point. What will be the treatment of choice?
a) Oral naltrexone
b) IV naloxone
c) Oral diazepam
Oral buprenorphine
Question #3: Which of the following skull fractures is called a ‘Motorcyclist’s fracture’
Ring fracture of base of skull
Hinge fracture of base of skull
Comminuted fracture of skull
Depressed fracture of skull
Question #4: Alkalinisation of urine may be done in cases of poisoning with
Question #5: In which of the following rigor mortis is not seen?
Well built male
Well built female
Old patient >80 years
Infant<7 months